New nice short week

Today i plan ….. lol i know i say it at the beginning of every week and by wed/thurs all has gone out the window.  Well i’ll try harder this week.

Right new routine includes early morning walk for the dogs followed by some time on the wii for me then i can get on with what needs doing for the day.  This morning i have to take son to the dentist (think we might take the bikes )

Housework jobs today aswell as the continual dishes and washing but i’m planning to steam clean the kitchen.  So watch out kids don’t sit still for too long around me :-).

Will finish the day too with a longer walk with the furbabies,  need to work out how to stop the pups dive bombing my legs on recall :-/ this hurts and whilst fast walking this morning a few times we came close to being a pile of legs on the floor.

Bye for now xx

thanks for reading xx


Well what a busy week has past….

Last week we prepared for my sister’s wedding by having a pamper day this included a trip to feed our feet to the fishes ( i later found out they don’t eat your feet, they expel the skin through their gills), some retail therapy, a very yummy coffee and cake and finished off in the nail bar.

Friday was the big day, it was absolutely gorgeous weather, my sister looked stunning and the day went off without a hitch.

Saturday i packed my boys off to the seaside where they spent 5 days with their dads family.  The little bits i’ve had from them so far is they have had a brilliant time and don’t want to come home today 🙂

I’ve had a lovely relaxing 5 days, we’ve relaxed on the diet and ate lots of yummy food but hopefully balanced that with some lovely walks with the girls.

what a funny sensation










Here we go…..

Well this week is going to be a full steam ahead week.  Lots of last-minute wedding preparations,  continue with puppy training, increase walks ( as Misha has lost her waistline slightly) and also try to do more keep fit for me too as i want to try to limit the wedding damage to my weight loss.

Today I’m off to the shops to buy hubby a new shirt and the final bits to go with my outfit.  Need to get eldest son into the barbers for a trim plus a bit more. 

So far today we’ve had a nice early start but now limited to what i can do without waking the rest of the house, although if  I’m up why aren’t they ??

This weekend i tried to cut down on visiting the dreaded very addictive Facebook and on sunday visited only a few times and actually coped quite well 🙂  but then when i did go in i was very sad to hear that a friend had been burgled and wiped out completely.  It’s a horrible and sick feeling when something like that happens, in the past i’ve been burgled 3 times from each time i’ve learnt… i’ll never have a jewelry box although not a lot was in it but all my special things were together and went in one go :-(.  I try not to have the same habits and go out and different times.  It’s a horrible feeling, stay strong Lynne and i’m sure with the help of your daughter you will get through and come out the other side fighting.

I love monday mornings really as they bring a fresh week and i’m full of motivation, so while the house is still sleeping i think i’ll get out my Wii fit and do my thing.

Sorry if this blog has been a bit of a witter, i know what needs doing, what i want to get done just need the time, energy and continued motivation so  in the words of my friend Emma   ”just do it ”



where did it go……

Well the weekend just flew by with the blink of an eye. 

Had a lovely day on friday when i took all the furbabies out  for a good walk up the hill.








Then on saturday i sorted youngest sons outfit ready for my sister wedding and in the evening went to my sisters hen night …. no photos included hehehehe

We were then up early sunday morning to get ready for a doggy fun day.  This was a brilliantly funday and the weather was really kids to us with just a few short showers.

The field was huge so aswell as the event stands and rings there was a big open bit at the back where we were able to let the girls off lead.  Titch had a go a fly ball, that was so funny as all she wanted to do was get back to us.

We entered several of the classes including prettiest bitch, soppyest eyes and then the pups went into the puppy class.  Pups got place joint 3rd and judge commented that they were unfaultable but could not choose between the 2 of them, which out of over 25 pups i think they did really well.







always first in my eyes
So here we are at the beginning of a new week.
Looks like a busy one with the last fitting for my sister and her wedding dress.
Obviously continuing with the pups training and to try and get out and walk more regularly.
Feel the need to clean, declutter and sort the  house from top to bottom but may leave that till when kids go back to school and go out into the garden instead weather permitting.
So heres to a good week ahead.

what to do today ?? a wet drizzley monday morning

Well i’ve been up an hour, i woke the pups up this morning which rarely happens, they are all back to sleep again now after being fed and watered.

Seems a typical monday morning, sky is full of fine rain at the moment but forcast says its meant to clear.  I’ve done a few chores but when the rest of the house is sleeping theres a limit to what can be done.

Plans for today are to continue with the on going puppy training.  Misha should be clear of her season so we can all get out walking properly again, so hope to do a late in the day walk.  This then fills that gap in the day when we would normally sit down for a drink and seeing as theres no drink we might aswell get out.

I hope to get my memorial book finished today, with the help of my very clever son.  This can then be sent of to the printers and start raising money for cavalier king charles spaniel charities.