Me and Mine


Where do i begin.. I’ve got history and baggage but i’d rather leave that where it is, can’t say it won’t pop up now and then but i’ll do my best.

Today i’m a wife, mum & step mum. We’ve been married for just over 10 years and he’s my soul mate just wish, i’d  met him many years ago.  Between us we have 4 teenage children (3 boys 1 girl) 2 boys are mine from a previous relationship, aged 16 & 18 then hubbs children are 16 (girl) & 18. 

Until i have the right head on the make this more interesting i’ll just list my interests

1. Biggest passion are my 3 cavalier king charles spaniels, they give me a reason to get up each day.

2. Love photography so have my camera at hand all the time.

3. We converted 2/3rds of our garden to growing vegetables 4yrs ago so enjoy producing our own fresh veg.

4. On going battle against depression, booze and a healthy eating life style ….. not getting any younger either 

5. To add to our vegetable garden we’ve been on the waiting list for an allotment for 4years and just 10wks ago we got our very 1st plot, so plan to down size our garden patch slightly next year

6.  Not just a full time mum now as i’ve taken myself back to work in a local care home and loving it 🙂

7 thoughts on “Me and Mine

  1. Hy Kim, I have just seen that you are following my blog….OMG….thanks so much 🙂 Just want to say, don’t hold your breath for weekly updates like some other bloggers do, take into account that I am an auld Irish wan with a tendancy to procrastination. I must update my “About Me”, as family keep giving more grankids every year…lol Anyway I have read yours and don’t we all have baggage and history? It makes us who we are today..I’ll shut up now and hope to hear all about your ventures for the year to come, like me xo from Catherine in Ireland.


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