Here’s to a new chapter …..

Tomorrow is not only the beginning of  new week but the beginning  of new chapter.   I am starting a new job that I’ve been working towards for the last 4yrs, although a bit slow I’ve made it at last.

Way back pre.kids I had qualified as a nurse and worked in the children’s unit at the  local general hospital for nearly 5yrs and I must say I enjoyed every shift.  By this time I was about 27yrs old and ready to start my own family… along came my first born followed 22mths later by my 2nd.

This is when I gave up work to be a full time mum and through the next 20yrs that followed I moved house twice, became a single mum shortly followed after by meeting my soulmate and to stop him escaping married him.   For many years through lots of ups and downs work was a dream.

Once settled into our own home and as the children flew the nest and returned… I began to think about work again.  As I had let my registration lapse it wasn’t possible to return to working as a nurse, not that my confidence level would have allowed it, so  I started as a carer in an elderly care home.

Over the next 4yrs I progressed to senior carer in a different home then home trainer which actually helped hugely,  helping me to regain a better level of confidence academically.  In February of this year I finally received my registration  status again.

Now tomorrow I return to work in the original care home as a qualified nurse and I’m so excited.   At my stage in life I think and hope to have a good work and home life balance, with my 2nd grandchild expected in February ’18 things just couldn’t get any better.

Working alongside me and supporting me all the way has been of course my soul mate, with my change of career I have also managed to persuade him to reduce his working week so we can both enjoy and prepare for a more relaxing and enjoyable future.

Walks, nature and cheltenham pic-001

So never give up on a dream work to make it  a reality 🙂

Night night xx