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Its been 2 days now…..

I seem to be on a depressive high …. i’m feeling extremely happy which is really scary because i’m scared of the crash i’ll have on the come down.  I shouldn’t be complaining about being so happy i suppose and should really be enjoying the feeling.

Life at the moment is really good.

We’re just waiting for a break in this very cold spell so we can get out into the garden.  Hubbs and i plan to move the raised beds around that will eventually give us more planting space.  I’ve made a start on a few seedlings, the leeks are doing brilliantly and after some research (via twitter friends) i know what to do next with them.

4wk old leek seedlings
4wk old leek seedlings

I’m keeping my fingers crossed but the forecast for the weekend is good and i’m hoping we’ll be able to spend sometime on the veggie plot 🙂  My sister and her family are coming to spend some time planting some seeds for their newly acquired allotment.  (just so jealous 🙂  )


To try and heed off the mega mood crash i plan to keep busy…. gardening… sowing more seeds … dog walking ( Tinks been in season so we’ve been housebound but that’s over by the  weekend) …. take some photos of everything we do in the garden and catch up on my group prompts…. lol might even fit in some house work 🙂



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A big weekend has passed …

It all started on friday when i turned the very young age of 47, an age when i think i need to start living and ”just do it”.  I’m never normally bothered by another birthday but this one has got to me a bit.

The actual day was brilliant i was totally spoilt by my hubbs who just kept making me smile all day.

my cards
my cards   


my celebrations
my celebrations








Then on saturday my eldest got to meet his 2 half sisters and their children after weeks of reconnecting with his dad.  My youngest was a little more nervous after not spending any time with his dad for nearly 5yrs eventually plucked up the courage to spend the last hour of their visit with them and i’ve heard he smiled  🙂

I’ve spent quite a few hours sat on my own, the ‘girls’  (my dogs)  have been waking early for a visit to the garden, so whilst sat in the quiet i’ve had time to think …. very dangerous on occasions 🙂

Its time i sorted me and mine out we’ve plodded along for so long and its time to get out of the rut and start living.  Theres so much i want to do that i’d like to achieve but i’d also like to encourage each member of my little family to start achieving too.

my tomatoe seedlings
my tomatoe seedlings  

So with the new growing season about to start i think its time we all grew and started living 🙂




Well i’ve done it … i’ve sowed some seeds ….

I know ….. it’s probably much too early but i really want to get ahead this year with my garden as last year was such a flop.

So 8 days ago i took a chance and sowed just a handful of each,  leeks, tomatoes, chillies, peppers and marigolds, using propagators that i sat on my kitchen window sill (which is south-facing) and look …

marigolds & leeks
marigolds & leeks
chillis/peppers  & tomatoes
chillis/peppers & tomatoes








As yet nothing appearing of the chillies or peppers but not giving up on them just yet, the others are doing ok 🙂  so that’s it i’ve made a start 🙂

As for the garden we (hubbs and me) have great plans for a total revamp that will give me two more vegetable beds so i can either grow more of what we like or try something  new.

Although this year i’ve already started something new in that i planted garlic in a huge tub last october and leeks are a first too.










Healthy eating

Feeling so much better in more ways than one …

Back at the beginning of January i had all these plans to change my diet, exercise more, generally get out of the rut i felt i was in but then just before christmas it appeared i’d trapped a nerve in my neck.  The pain at first was unbearable, it has made me so much more understanding of those who have this sort of pain long-term.  This is the 7th week now and with regular physio and medication things seem to start feeling a little better.

I’m now on day 3 of my diet, well i’m not following a diet as such just not eating what i know is bad.  After so many years of trying  different diets i’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t 🙂  On day 1 i weighed myself to give me a start weight and plan to weigh in on friday’s in the hope by loosing something it will keep me motivated through the weekend.

As well as watching what i’m eating i’ve dug out my wii fit and done 30 minutes exercise on there each day, not much i know but i’m trying to be more active generally,  been ages since i’ve had the motivation to give the house such a good clean 🙂 and i’m gagging to get out into the garden ( seperate blog for garden).  I try to walk most places i go such as hospital for physio and popping to town both are only 30min journeys.  As for dog walking the weather is still so wet i’ve only managed to get out with the ‘girls’ every few days and then when we get back they all need baths as they’ve not yet learnt to stay on the paths and out of the muddy puddles.

My mood has lifted too, i’m feeling a lot more positive about everything and looking forward to a great 2013 even if it started a little later than i’d planned.

Trio of trouble xxx
Trio of trouble xxx