Furbabie friday …..

Well just checking the calendar and Misha’s pups are nearly 6months old, where does the time go.  Have have several updates from the pups new families and all seems to be going well and they can’t imagine life without them now.

As for my 3 gorgeous girls….

Misha has been spayed and now just enjoying life.








Tinker bell is still my ”little phsyco” and very highly strung, despite daily walks and as much socialization as possible.  I’m hoping in time and with age this will settle.  She’s so loving and enjoys nothing more than a good tummy tickle.

I can’t believe that 6months ago we nearly lost little Titch, after 3wks of being in hospital needing 24hr care, the minute she came home she just improved no end and hasn’t stopped.  She loves her food and has made up her weight.  Last month she had a season the first since being ill and i’m taking that as a sign that her internal self is now back to full health.

Titchs coat is really the only sign now that she has been poorly, her tail isn’t quite as full as it should be and the fur on her ears isn’t quite as long as it should be but its all looking good.






Life is hard work sometimes with my 3 girls but it is all so well worth it, in return i get some much loving from them.