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New week …. (part 1)

As I wrote in my last blog …. I’ve been struggling a bit with my ‘mood’ and feeling down enough to begin to worry. So after accepting that I’d failed the No alcohol challenge for the month of October .. I set myself another challenge and that was to set my mood around from going down to looking up and forward.

Knowing my moods and how to manage them I knew I would have to keep busy, setting myself a timetable for the week. In the beginning I did fill each hour with something to do or achieve, I’m an awful thinker and often with too much time on my hands that can get me into trouble in more ways than I care to comment. What follows is a brief outline of how I started my week.

Monday : Up, dressed and bed made by 9am (keeping a set routine and times helps me stay focussed)
10.00 Shopping and attempted to get flu jab (but wrong pharmacist in :-/)
11.30 Joined Slimming world for the 3rd and last time
13.30 Meet up with daughter drove her to an appointment and caught up with life on the way
16.00 Home and had planned to do some training stuff for work but sadly was not focussed enough for
that so late in the day but did do some recipe research and meal planning
Mood out of 10 = 8

turned out to be the wrong venue for SW

Tuesday : Work

Wednesday : Up early to see hubbs off to do his CBT (motorbike test thing) so was up dressed and bed made by 8am
8.00 Made a start on household chores sorting out washing and ironing.
9.00 Started cooking meals for the next few days. Made a butternut squash and sweet potato soup
this simmered away in the slow cooker nearly all day and then did Easy Tuna and pasta
which made 4 portions, 2 I put in the fridge and 2 in the freezer.
10.30 I made a start on cleaning up the kitchen, front room and washing down the garden.
12.30 Lunch and social media catch up
13.30 Upstairs clean up finished by 15.00 so chilled for an hour
16.00 Jumped in the shower and got ready to meet up with my 2 sisters and mum for a meal and
evening at the theatre
mood out of 10 = 9

Watched ”The Motown story”

Thursday : 8.00 Up and awake to enjoy breakfast with hubbs before he went off to work but felt quite
lethargic and unmotivated which then lead to just sitting around in my pj’s watching
nothing particular on TV and surfing the internet.
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Finally got showered and dress :-/ and probably would have done that if I hadn’t need to
go to the shops
14.00 Called in at work before doing a very quick shop.
Mood out of 10 = 5

Slightly spicy soup

Now already I can see I’m beginning to stray and that’s why I felt the need to blog …just to get my focus and motivation back so apologies for what probably reads as a very boring few days but that’s ME 🙂

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True confessions ………

Ok Ok …..I confess I failed my personal challenge of no booze for October … the Stoptober challenge.

Its been at the back of my mind …niggling at me and slowly crawling to the front when all I’ve done is think about it … failing … and when I let it in all the other things I’ve failed at come flooding into my thoughts. At the risk then of disappearing into a slump of depression …I have got to fight it.

How ?? What can I do ??

Well for me … I keep busy, occupying my mind with good stuff so not to let my failings pull me down.

So this Saturday night with a glass of prosecco (sorry) I’m planning what to do this coming week. 3 days next week are easy as I’m working, doing 12hr shifts gives you little time to think of anything else during that day. The rest of the week I will plan a mix of chores, pleasurable projects and some meet ups with family, this will be done hour by hour fitting in meal times and setting alarms and bed times etc. If there’s one thing I have learnt when handling my depression its that I need routine.

I will include creative projects such as time outside in my garden or a sewing session, there’s nothing better at the end of the day and seeing something that you have achieved or produced. As well as those boring household chores to keep up to date with like washing ironing dusting vacuuming the list is endless when you think about it. We are in the middle of decorating both the kitchen and living room so I can do stuff towards completing that. Hoping to get it all done by Christmas 🙂

A couple of meet ups with family have already been arranged which is great as it also gives me something to look forward too. Very excited about Wednesday evening as I’m meeting up with my 2 sisters and mum for a meal and then going on to the theatre to watch ”The Motown story’. Yep this will include eating something not good but i’m hoping with wise choices and accounting for it the rest of the week that the damage will be minimal. Also got an afternoon planned with my daughter well actually I’m playing taxi but that’s fine I might get a coffee out of it too.

Something else I need to do is start feeling healthier and better about myself so I’m going to bite the bullet and for the 3rd time enrol with slimming world …. yes I know what I shouldn’t be eating and what I should, but there’s something about the weigh in that makes you stick to plan. Meal planning, preparation and shopping, will have to be taken into account too, cooking up some meals for work when on my days off.

So ok I may have failed Stoptober but sometimes you have to fail something …. to then get up from it. I may even come back better than I would have done.

Lastly to all those that pledged to give up something for Stoptober ..well done not long now xx

Ruby Rose my gorgeous granddaughter and my 2nd granddaughter in the making due in Feb ’18 both reasons to stay sane xx