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7th week update of our allotment plot 1A

Haven’t we been lucky with the weather for the last 7weeks there have been very few days that its rained too much to keep us home.  So every spare minute we’ve had we run off to the allotment   🙂

Being the typical impatient women i am i was keen to get something in the ground other than a spade and took a risk.  I sowed some carrots, spring onions, peas, courgettes and turnips and look what i harvested yesterday.

017  no bad and there’s another courgette growing well.  Only a few of the spring onions germinated, slightly  more carrots, turnips are fighting for survival from slugs and i hope to harvest enough peas on sunday for lunch.

We’ve managed to get hold of a small shed and with some TLC it will shelter us from them surprise showers.

The plot has been split up into 5 edged beds although the 5th has the shed on half of it and we plan to do a small seating area on the other half.  We are slowly digging and finely weeding all the beds, i think we’re on about our 3rd time for 2 of the beds so weeds aren’t coming back quite so quickly,  now thinking about covering the soil with cardboard.



All the paths have been wood chipped to help reduce having to weed and cut the grass on them.  We’ve managed to get hold of 2 quite big draws which we plan to make into cold frames.  I think rather than put my strawberries into one of the beds i’ll do something with pallets (yet to decide on plan)

All in all its going well 🙂 roll on next season.

We’ll continue to grow vegetables in the garden but reduce the raised  beds back to just 2 it will be the smaller things like carrots, peas and spring onions and i hope to get more green house space for the seedlings 🙂

All is good 🙂



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On a personal note ….

Well how things are changing in the last few months i’ve gone from being an ”at home mum” to working full-time night shifts then very recently transferred to-day shifts and even looking into a return to nursing course which will enable me to practise as a registered nurse again.

How do i feel about all this….. loving the job the care home is of very high standard and we are all developing a great friendship between us staff and with the residents.  Physically i’m finding things a little hard going at times and get very tired aswell as the aches and pains of age i suppose.  Mentally i’ve become so much more confident and can see a very clear future, not even considered reducing or stopping my antidepressants as i’m enjoying everything at the moment and don’t really want it spoilt.

Even though i’m working full-time its done in 3 shifts so i get some nice time off, which has enabled us to take on another ambition of ours and that’s having an allotment, we love it and so far with this gorgeous weather managing to spend every spare minute there.  Its so peaceful which is very surprising as it hidden on a small site in the middle of a housing estate.

Sadly not everything is peachy … my eldest son has decided he really wants his own place and sort of put himself into the care system, it makes me sad that he feels like this but if it’s what he wants then i can only support him where and when i can.  I think back now and i suppose i’ve been very lucky up until now not to have not needed much outside help.  After leaving an abusive controlling ex (sons dad) then going into another relationship with step children we’ve got away quite lightly.

I do feel everything is good and will work out for the best for all of us, change can be difficult but soon becomes the norm 🙂

Just going to end this post here as i’m eager to do a separate post on updating my allotment 🙂


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