New nice short week

Today i plan ….. lol i know i say it at the beginning of every week and by wed/thurs all has gone out the window.  Well i’ll try harder this week.

Right new routine includes early morning walk for the dogs followed by some time on the wii for me then i can get on with what needs doing for the day.  This morning i have to take son to the dentist (think we might take the bikes )

Housework jobs today aswell as the continual dishes and washing but i’m planning to steam clean the kitchen.  So watch out kids don’t sit still for too long around me :-).

Will finish the day too with a longer walk with the furbabies,  need to work out how to stop the pups dive bombing my legs on recall :-/ this hurts and whilst fast walking this morning a few times we came close to being a pile of legs on the floor.

Bye for now xx

thanks for reading xx