Where does the time go …..

I really can’t believe it’s been a week since i¬†last blogged …….sounds like i’ve just stepped into a confessional ūüôā

Well what have i done ……

At last the dieting and slight increase in exercise¬†is showing a bit as on Wednesday¬†at our weigh¬†in both my sister and i¬†had lost 3lb¬†so both happy.¬† Really need to increase the amount of exercise¬†i’m¬†doing, which i’m¬†sure will be easy enough when i can take the dogs out and make a start¬†sorting the¬†garden.

Talking about walking the dogs, we all went out as a family on saturday for our puppies first walk. 

''whats that over there ??''

The pups actually did really well and i think they enjoyed it.¬† We met lots of other dogs and everyone that passed stopped to say ‘hello’.¬† Misha thoroughly enjoyed being out and we let her off lead for a feel of freedom, she loved it.¬† Sadly the park was still very wet and muddy so the walk was followed a bath.

Saving the best event till last, i’m¬†really pleased to announce¬†my brother and his girlfriend became parents again to a gorgeous little girl, to go with their¬†twin boys.¬† As yet i’ve not been able to get across town to visit but will being going very soon with camera in hand ūüôā

So plans for this week………

some boring appointments to keep at the Dr’s and dreaded dentist ūüė¶

6th form open evening at my son’s school¬†:-/ yet more confusion, although i think he’s knows what he’s doing and how to get there.

Will be taking the pups out again and hopefully start a good regular routine with them.

At last yesterday, i’ve¬†managed to sort and decide on a weekly set menu with matching shopping list but can’t actually start that for a few days as we’re going to eat everything we have in the freezer and cupboards to clear some space.¬† Doing this i hope to save a bit of money or just generally be more organised.

Feeling like i’m¬†waffling a bit so will say ” see you later ” for now¬† ūüôā might pop back later this evening but definitely be back more often during the week¬† ūüôā ūüôā


New week fresh start (again)

Well yesterday i¬†was on a real down turn due to what the scales told me, so after half hour of moaning and sulking, i¬†picked myself up and sorted it all out.¬† Did some research and searched my cupboards so i’m now back on the straight and narrow with my diet ¬†ūüôā

Sadly my down turn of mood seemed to set in for the day and i¬†got very little done, but after a¬†earlyish¬†night i’m¬†bright and bushy-tailed again today already to go.

Main plan is to get some housework chores done, the mountain of ironing keeps falling over so a sure sign it needs doing, the bathroom needs a good clean and if the weather stays dry i need to clear an area on the way out to the back door, but need to clear some space in the shed first :-/.¬† This all has to be done while watching the 2 small puppies don’t wee and poo where they shouldn’t.

Oh they are so cute but need watching closely, this morning Missy the cat tried to join them for breakfast after eating her own ūüôā pups weren’t impressed.


DAY 3 …. started on a low but went out on a high

Well when i¬†woke today i¬†couldn’t believe how ill, tired and run down i felt.¬† My ankles, calves and back ached as well as a thumping headache.¬†

So today i¬†missed my Wii workout to give my legs time to recover, instead i baked some bread rolls and cooked the 2 meals that were needed for tea this evening.¬† I also enjoyed a cuppa whilst watching the puppies play in the garden, well that was untill it started to rain ūüė¶

Despite my low mood i stuck to my new eating plan, which before on previous diets that would have gone right outta the window.

This evening i¬†joined my sister at a slimming meeting :-/ well when they had eventually got their computer sorted we weighed¬†in and i¬†think their scales are off by about 6lb¬†ūüôā but then as my sister and i¬†chatted, i¬†had weighed¬†last on my Wii fit in my pj’s¬†first thing in the morning and having not eaten so perhaps it was only a lb or 2 out but still means i’ve got to stick to this diet ūüôā

So this evening with a new vigour i’m trawling the websites and making menu plans.

As i raise my bottled water ….. heres to a new me and my sister ūüôā and all those that have started a new diet.


DAY 1….the start begins

Well today seems to have gone really well.   After the usual hustle and bustle of  getting the boys off to school (re.phrase that as only 1 went, y.son had a poorly tummy). 

I got my Wii fit out and after weighing all 3 cavvies, weighed myself and surprisingly i had lost 4lb since before christmas, this has given me a great boost.  I then went on to do 1/2hr aerobic workout (start slow i say)

With that done and the pups settled down for a morning nap, i¬†did a little admin stuff and then went out to the garden,¬†cleaned up and started moving some of my plant pots as the pups find it fun to chew them.¬† Today was quite cold and a bit windy so didn’t get as much done as i wanted, but it will still be there tomorrow.

Meals today were a bit of a mix as hubby had been to the dentist, y.son not feeling 100% , o.son ate at school, so i finished off some quiche and salad, which actually fitted in well with my new healthy eating regime.

All in all today has gone ok, the pups are as entertaining as every and really keep me on my toes.  Misha is loving having the 2 of them to play with, but when it gets slightly too much she climbs onto the sofa out of their reach, but then at least they have each other to play with then.

''is there something on my face??''


'' I'm comfy here thanks ..''
I’m feeling very positive, fingers crossed it lasts. ūüôā

Its taking awhile …………

Can’t seem to get into the right gear and get started this week.¬† I’ve tidied away christmas apart from the left over chocolates that will hopefully be all gone by monday.¬† I’m sure the kids will help with that if i ask them nicely.

Monday morning, my new routines will start by following cleaning tasks set by Flyladies group, the cleaning will just happen. 

My sister and i are going to start a new diet and exercise routine, with the help of the wii fit, walking the dogs and Rosemary Conley. 

As time goes on i hope to find slots for helping hubby with decorating several rooms in the house, then when the weather improves the garden and vegetable plot will need tending too.

The future looks good but just taking a day or 2 to get started ūüôā

Oh and also have to find time to help my sister plan her wedding for later in the summer.  Busy busy busy.


January 2011 is here……..

With the new year here I’ve¬†decided its time to make some changes and start doing all those things I’d¬†like to do or have been saying for ages I’d like to do.

My main focus will be our cavvies, Misha (3yrs) Tink & Titch her daughters that are just over 2mths old.

They as yet still need to have their 2nd injection then we can get out and do some walking ūüôā

Last year we experimented with growing our own vegetables, this coming season will plan to improve on what we did last year and even make our little plot bigger.

on going project......

Along the top of the garden needs fencing, we hope to build at least another 2 raised veg beds and also build some compost bins. At some point I’d¬†like a greenhouse but that’s a little further away.

Theres also our families¬†life style, we need to improve on our eating habits, so I’m going to attempt to do more healthy¬†home cooked food from scratch.¬† We made our own bread a few times last year and really enjoyed making and eating it, so will be improving on that.

I’ve lots of other things I’d¬†like to do, such as card making and at the same time photography and hopefully they will come together.¬† My sister is getting married this year so i hope to help her with the planning, we are also going to do some get fit and healthy eating together.

As time goes on i hope this blog will improve and grow ūüôā