No booze challenge

31 day challenge … day 30

Found it difficult to stay focused today as i’m suffering with a ‘fuzzy’ sort of headache,  hoping it will pass and not turn into a cold or anything.

As it wasn’t raining and we have a few days rain forecast i decided to get out with the ‘girls’,  yuck it was really muddy but a refreshing walk, so glad i went.


Today’s menu

Brunch : Grilled Bacon and poached egg on toast (was yummy)

Tea :  Spicy bean curry/soup with rice

Snacks :  Rice cake & chewy bar


I was very good and said thank you but no thanks to the KFC tea my eldest son offered to buy, which the rest of the family really enjoyed.

Booze Craving 0/10  and looking forward to my hot chocolate 🙂

Becoming more and more obsessed with when not if  i’m going to have a drink next, had planned for a nice meal with a bottle of wine on day 31 but then that’s not  going without for the full month.  So will have a nice meal and some wine at some point 🙂 probably the weekend.

Tinker bell does make me laugh