No booze challenge

31 day challenge … day 30

Found it difficult to stay focused today as i’m suffering with a ‘fuzzy’ sort of headache,  hoping it will pass and not turn into a cold or anything.

As it wasn’t raining and we have a few days rain forecast i decided to get out with the ‘girls’,  yuck it was really muddy but a refreshing walk, so glad i went.


Today’s menu

Brunch : Grilled Bacon and poached egg on toast (was yummy)

Tea :  Spicy bean curry/soup with rice

Snacks :  Rice cake & chewy bar


I was very good and said thank you but no thanks to the KFC tea my eldest son offered to buy, which the rest of the family really enjoyed.

Booze Craving 0/10  and looking forward to my hot chocolate 🙂

Becoming more and more obsessed with when not if  i’m going to have a drink next, had planned for a nice meal with a bottle of wine on day 31 but then that’s not  going without for the full month.  So will have a nice meal and some wine at some point 🙂 probably the weekend.

Tinker bell does make me laugh


No booze challenge

31 day challenge …day 29

29 days without an alcoholic drink …. wow  i really didn’t think i could do it,  although came close once or twice   😦 to cracking the top off a bottle of cider that has sat on the kitchen side since before i started the challenge.

Stressed by the kids…

Premenstrual stresses…

Friday & Saturday night habits…

Just at the end of a good day…

all reasons why i would have a drink, started with just a glass… the glass grew… then, well once a bottle is opened you might as well finish it.

At the beginning of October the government started advertising a stop smoking campaign called Stoptober and as i don’t smoke i thought i have a go at stopping something that i really enjoyed..  and i’ve nearly done it   🙂

To run alongside the No drinking, i thought i’d add in some healthy eating and try to get on top of my ongoing battle to lose some weight too, which i think i’ve made pretty good head way  by loosing 7lb.  So what started off as a test to my ability to stick with something i think i’ve done pretty good.

As a reward hubbs has promised to cook a lovely meal with which i will also enjoy a glass of wine.  (date to be confirmed)


Today’s menu

Breakfast :  Malted shreddies

Lunch :  Cheese sandwich

Tea :  Spicy bean + veg soup

Snacks :  chocolate coated rice cake


Booze Craving :  0/10  mmmm role on hot chocolate time 🙂

Me !!
No booze challenge

31 day challenge … day 27 & 28

Well day 27 is a blur ….

All day was taken up with the bedroom switch around, we  had the hardest job of all to do and that was taking down a partition wall, so there was dust, wood and splinters galore.  Hubbs worked so hard to get our bed and for us to sleep in there that night he managed to pull what i think , is a tendon in his chest (peck muscle) he said he felt a ‘snap’ feeling  … ouch.  It was gone 9pm before i sat down and  i was just too tired to type day 27’s blog.

Day 28

Even after an extra hours sleep i felt absolutely shattered getting up this morning, so after a little catch up tv i hit the small amount of ironing i had so as to let everyone else sleep as long as possible…. how kind am i   🙂

We were in for another pretty busy day  with just a little lifting and mainly sorting.  Now have 2 full black bags for the charity shop, after tomorrows sort out might have another 1.

Today’s menu

Breakfast :  Malted shreddies

Lunch :  Egg sandwich and some low cal crisps

Tea  :  Chips, chops and egg ( due to being so busy and only 3 of us here, delayed roast till later in the week)


Booze Craving :  6/10  Just as a reward i suppose…but i won’t gone to long now to spoil my personal challenge, just a few days away from completion.

Autumn is here 😦


No booze challenge

31 day challenge … day 26

Well i think my mood is slowly lifting, although still suffering from a little ”can’t be bothered”, hubbs helped lift my mood slightly by agreeing to start the big bedroom switch around today.  So we took   advantage of it not being his kids ‘sleep over’  weekend and my eldest sleeping out the whole weekend.

Ideally i’d have like to decorate each room as we went but with restrictions such as time and money, just a straight swap will do for now.  At the moment we have the biggest bedroom partitioned off to make 2 rooms  (very small rooms)  the smallest is suffering from cold and damp and really only  gets used  4 times a month, so the partition is coming down, we’re moving in there and the 2 eldest boys will be sharing our room.

Omg where does all the rubbish come from…

Its going to be hard work but so worth it   🙂  Although it does mean my oldest and hubbs son will be sharing a room, both are at an age now they are rarely here together at weekends, but also they are both typical teens staying up late and sleeping in till lunchtime, suited to share a room.

Oh oh also weighed in and i’ve lost 3lb …. 3lb in 1wk that’s just brilliant 🙂


Today’s menu

Breakfast :  slice of toast

Lunch :  Cheese sandwich

Tea :  Slimming world cottage pie with a mountain of cabbage

Snacks  :  1 chocolate coated rice cake


Booze craving :  2/10  purely because its friday night, hubbs is drinking and we’ve achieved something today  🙂  but nope i’ll be good and have what has become my usual …. a chocolate option 🙂

happy weekend peeps xx



No booze challenge

31 day challenge … day 25

Wow less than a week left to go 🙂

The last few days seem to be getting harder and harder, so looking forward to next wednesday :-/

Due to my very irritable mood i’ll make this blog short and sweet.


Today’s menu

Breakfast :  Porridge

Lunch :  Bowl of soup with crackers

Tea :  Bowl of soup (added some curry powder) with bread & butter

Snacks :  Chewy bar

Booze craving :  7/10  but not about to snap now to just put kettle on for a chocolate options.


This afternoon i had to take my eldest for his college interview so thought i’d take the opportunity to wander round and take some photos but sadly light was poor and could find very little inspiration.  Hope my mood lifts very soon, think there’s some sunshine forecast soon so that might help.

No booze challenge

31 day challenge … day 24 starting to flag a bit ….

As i did yesterday once i’d had breakfast i was up and out walking the ‘girls’,  surprisingly it wasn’t as cold as it looked out but still very wet and muddy.  Our walk takes about 45mins across 2 – 3 fields, i try to walk at a brisk pace so i’m getting a little exercise too.

the view from my walk

Got home and had to shower Misha  as she had run head first into a very muddy puddle and came out wearing most of it.

I finished cleaning the last section of the cooker, hubbs had spent the last 2 days cleaning both ovens, the grill and the top hob leaving me just the pan storage, this took all of 15mins 🙂 the rest of the day i spent wondering what to do, slowly winding myself up into a right old stew !!  i real need to get out more, feeling very frustrated.   There must be more to life than cleaning and walking the dogs.

Today’s menu

Breakfast :  Porridge

Lunch :  A cup of slimming world soup with crackers

Tea :  A bowl of slimming world soup with a slice of bread and butter

Snacks : 2 chocolate coated rice cakes  ( i crave chocolate when in this mood 😦  )

Booze Craving :  7/10  two reasons why this is quiet high today.. 1. just because i’m in a really fed up mood & 2. because hubbs is all moody due to him not having a drink this evening either.  The best thing for me to do on an evening like this is to get off to bed as soon as i’ve had my hot chocolate.

I am now beginning to count down the days to when i can have a drink again….  this time next week hubbs is going to cook a lovely meal and i’m going to enjoy it with a bottle of wine.   After that i’m thinking i might just drink once a month and make a proper evening of it with meal and all, blogging perhaps just once a week on how i’m doing.