October 1st …… i’m doing it !!! STOPTOBER

Ok so I don’t smoke so can’t join that challenge but I am going to challenge myself.

For the month of October I am going sober and cleaning up.

Stop….. drinking alcohol

I don’t drink a huge amount but yes I drink most evenings and can quite easily empty a bottle of wine on my own in an evening. Looking at my social calendar there is very little booked but the 2 events that are already scheduled I will part take in just a glass or 2 on one of them and the other I will volunteer as the named driver 🙂

Stop ….binge eating

Food is another downfall I have …. if I fancy it I’ll eat it even if I don’t really need it. My eating habits run closely alongside my emotional state so if my mood is good then my food is normally a healthy choice…. but if I’m down or have emotional issues then my biggest comfort will be food. Just like many others I’m sure. For the following month I plan to tidy up what I eat … not starting any diet but stopping and thinking about what I’m eating.

Looking back at my blogs I’ve done this before and found blogging as I went a useful tool in which blogging helped me stay focused so I may pop in more often this month.

So as I empty the last drop of prosecco from the bottle I’m off to bed feeling positive for the coming month and months to follow …

BRB xx

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Running out of time ……

There’s never enough of it and I’m always running out….

Everyday seems to be a battle, despite getting up early and going to bed late …. there’s still never enough hours in the day. On a daily basis (mainly days off ) I plan the night before what I want to get done and most days I stick to it, giving me that sense of achievement at the end of the day. I try and do a mix of chores and ‘me stuff’ which then means I actually end up enjoying both.

So I shop, cook, clean and tidy to then reward myself with time in the garden (weather permitting) or with my sewing machine which is a priority at the moment with a craft fare coming up in October I need to build up my stock. I buy fabric from charity shops or at sale prices which I then turn into small bags and fabric tubs then in turn sell them to make enough money to replenish my fabric stock. Much more rewarding and healthier than taking medication to keep me sane.

So both hubbs and I have changed our jobs reducing the hours that we are out at work, this was done to start having quality time and work on our bucket list and refreshing are home enough to be able to sit back and enjoy rather that always having something that needs doing.

At the age of 50plus I’ve never owned a passport or been up in a plane … I’d like to see some of those sights I’ve only ever seen on the telly …. canals of Venice… the northern lights …. are there seas really that blue..

Like I said at the start…. time is running out and so precious …. so much I want to do …. I treasure every moment I get to spend with my granddaughter and look forward to meeting my next grandchild in February. The children are grown adults now and finding their own individual way.

So watch this space … follow my adventures …