Back to work after being an 'at home mum' · Black days

Last night i completed my first ……

Proper shift in more than 15yrs.

After a few training days i became very worried that i’d made the wrong decision in going back to work more so nursing.

But after completing my first 12hr night shift this confirmed i should have come back to nursing many years ago and i don’t think being a carer will be enough for too long.  In time and hopefully with support from my new employer i hope to complete a back to nursing course which will enable me to re.register and use the Registered General Nursing course that  i completed pre.children.

Being a very new venture we were very lucky to only have 4 residents 1 of which was self caring 🙂 this enabled us to get to know each of them a little better than if there was a full unit.

Thankfully i never have  a problem sleeping anytime of day so a lie in the morning before shift and a sleep in the day after was easy. 🙂

I can already feel my confidence growing and enthusiasm running up a close 2nd.   I’ve found myself making more of my free time and fully intend to do a lot more once i’ve been paid.

A headache that  i have found is that since all the benefit reforms there is very little help adjusting from weekly benefits to monthly pay.  Aaawwww well we’ll all have to learn to like baked beans 🙂

My next and 2nd shift is tomorrow night so today with hubbs, we took the ‘girls’ for a lovely walk through the woods and fields of Crickley Hill.  The sun was warm and view was gorgeously clear.  Whilst going through the wooded area we spotted these fungi which i could have photographed for ages but the ‘girls’ get bored waiting.


029   003









005   013









So heres to a very fun and full filling summer 🙂