Where does the time go…….

Well its ages since I’ve popped in and written anything :-/  well where do I start.

The pups are nearly 6mths and keep us all on our toes.

snooze time for 3 🙂


Spring is happening in the garden.  Really going for it with growing vegetables this year.  So far we put straight into the garden parsnips, sprouts, carrots, spring onions and pea’s.  Seedlings growing in the green house are sweetcorn, courgettes, more pea’s, beans, lettuce, cauliflower and tomatoes.   With the pups so small they are eating every plant they can get near so all plants have been moved to top half of the garden.  I have sown a few marigolds for some bright colour, but not doing sweet pea’s this year as all space at the top part of garden will be for vegetables.

As for me….. my forever on going battle against depression has been on the up.  It helps with the great support from my sister and hubby,  i have now lost 14 1/2lb.  Using the new eating plan from slimming world, extra easy 🙂 I’ve not gone hungry.  There are days when  i just want to eat and eat and then i fill up on fruit and slimmers Quiche which is just my savour recipe :-). 

As for my drinking that I can now  just take it or leave it 🙂 I’ve gone from drinking more than a bottle of wine every evening and feeling i need it, to a glass or 2 friday & or saturday evening.

Everything seems to be coming together, the boys are sorted in their near future.  Ciaran has a place at college and taking 4 A.levels, Connor has just chosen his options for yr10/11 (just have to hope he gets the subjects he wants). 

As you probably know by now i lost a very dear friend just before christmas, she has made a great impact on me and the way i approach life.  I am trying my hardest not to moan too much,  if there’s something i don’t like then I do something about it.  Instead of sitting around waiting for things to happen I’m getting on and doing it ” life is too short so make the most of it”  is what i say now.  oh and ”if you want something doing the do it yourself ”  

I plan to get out and about and meet all these friends I’ve made on Facebook (well as many as I can), to travel places with the dogs (car permitting), to do more with my photography ( which has been sidelined since pups were born).

So thats me for the moment…..  🙂