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Grow babies grow ….

my daffs

Well i think i’m on track with all my seedlings, so far sown 5 different types of tomatoes from mini cherry tomatoes to huge beef tomatoes, peas, cucumber, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broad beans, beetroot, then for flowers i’ve done marigolds, pansies and teddy bears sunflowers.

cucumbers Plum tomatoes

As the seedlings very quickly filled all my south-facing window sills we invested in a small plastic walk in greenhouse, this with the 4 tier plastic green house i already have i thought should be enough.
green houses A few days later whilst chatting to a very good neighbour, he offered us a 3 tier green house.. whilst carrying it across the road the cover became damaged, which was fine i could still use it for the stacking shelves… 3 days later that same neighbour dropped in a brand new cover. Will be making sure lots of home-grown veg goes his way 🙂

This past weeks weather has been lovely and warm so we took the opportunity to pop to the allotment and see whats happening. Bumped into the site manager and it turns out all plots have now been allocated which is great to hear, it will be great seeing the other plots used too. We started digging and weeding what looked like the dryest bed and it turned over really well as we moved on to the next bed the more we dug the wetter and heavier it got.

We then moved on to the next job which was collecting bark chippings from a neighbour who’d had too much delivered so being as helpful as we could, we took some to top up our paths also mentioned the chippings to another plot holder who collected some too.
Plot 1A

This afternoon was another gorgeously warm one so i spent the time potting on some seedlings and sowing more seeds. Feeling very organised so far, just watching the weather and on the evenings when the temperature drops too low i’ve been lighting a DIY tea light candle heater in the bigger greenhouse.

Sadly i have to go to work now for the next 5days but then off for nearly 2wks so if the weathers still good we’ll be finishing the digging at the allotment and also start preparing the 2 vegetable beds we have in the back garden.

Hows everyone else doing ???

Anyone put potatoes in yet ?? i’m hoping to get mine in at the end of the month.

Happy growing till next update xx