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New year new growing season ..

Yesterday the sun shone brightly which gave me itchy green fingers …. luckily i resisted the temptation as later that evening there was a light frost.
First frost

Today i got out my books and read up on what we should be doing and the answer i found was not a lot :-), so instead i got all my seeds out and sorted through what we have and what we need to get, also grouped them into months in which they should be sown (to be used as a guideline )

seed packets

Next task will be to draw out a plan of what we’re going to grow where 🙂 …. time to get paper and pens out.

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Happy new year to all my followers ….

Its been ages since i blogged here … but i hope to put that right. I’m not going to make resolutions to do certain things .. i hope to make new routines and achievable goals.

August 2013 after being on the waiting list for yrs we finally managed to get an allotment on a site just 2 minutes walk away from home. So this year we intend to keep just 2 raised beds in the garden vegetable plot and grow the majority of our vegetables down and the allotment. I hope to blog on our progress throughout the coming growing season.
Plot 1a
garden vegetable plot

I do hope to try to do the usual… get fit & loose weight but by concentrating on other things i hope they will just happen.

Later in the year i hope to go to university to study Back to Nursing course which will enable me to practise as a trained nurse again. Until then i intend on improving my maths currently enrolled in a course at college and attending all the study days possible that work arrange.

Also the usual subjects will probably come up are adventures of my dogs … any photo shoots i get inspired to do.

So again happy new year to you all … lets make 2014 a memorable one xx