New Year Resolutions and goals 2012

Where do I start, there are so many things I want to do and achieve for this coming year.  Not all are for me but for my family too.  I’ll try to keep the list to just the few important ”to me” ones and I’ll try very hard not to waffle.  🙂


1.   To put me and mine first for a change, this sounds selfish but for as long as i can remember we have always helped others to the extent we have very little time or energy to do for us.  So 2012  i hope to get some decorating done, some more work done on the garden and some very much needed quality time.  Oopps began to waffle a bit on that one.

2.  To reach my personal target weight by June.

3.  To be more organised and introduce lots of routines.

4.  To give up alcohol or at least reduce it by a significant amount.  Will start year with a 6wk ban completely.

5.  To do more with my photography, I’ve set myself as of january to submitted regular photos to my local paper and aim to get 1 published a month. Also going to take on a ”photo a day” challenge.

6.  To do more blogging and get better at it 🙂 already got a few regular blogs planned such as Misha X Oscar which will be a blog following my cavalier king charles spaniel and her mating with a Shih Tzu.

As I said at the beginning there are many and each has many sub goals but these for the moment are the ones that are most important to me hence blogging them which I’m hoping will help enforce them for me.

So I think I’m done for now, bring on 2012 cause I’m ready for you 🙂







Misha X Oscar

Anyone that has chatted to me for more than 2mins will know that my greatest love is my eldest dog Misha.

having a snooze

This is hopefully going to be an ongoing blog following her recent mating with a very handsome Shih Tzu called Oscar.

Both meetings went very well, with the dogs doing a little flirting then getting the business done in a very relaxed and comfortable manner 🙂

This is now the time i hate, waiting and watching … is she ??   isn’t she ??  I’ll be watching her closely  for all the tell-tale signs and as soon as she’s 6wks and fingers crossed has a rounding belly will visit the vet for them to scan her to estimate how many.

So look out for further blogs on our cavvie tzu litter 🙂