Its way to early

This morning i was woke at 6.10 to the sounds of the puppies scratching on their baby gate :-/ i tired to go back to sleep but the pups were not going to do the same.  So now i’ve been up an hour the pups  have done what they needed to do and settled to go back to sleep after a good run around with the cats.  Misha of course is still tucked up in bed and no doubt snoring.

So plans for today…

1.  must get pups out for a walk,  the last 2 days were a bit hectic and the walk got missed.

2. more training with pups, Titch would be top of the class if we had one and Tink would be stood in the corner facing the wall 🙂

3. to do my workout… after doubling my exercise i was very disappointed to have a gain at weigh in this week but can’t give up must keep on going

4. chores chores chores ……..



Monday… new week … renewed motivation..

This week is or has got to be a good one, so many new routines to start.

Plan for today is to continue with puppy training and even at a training session later in the day, so lunchtime training session will include walking each pup around the block whilst hubby tries to get the attention of the remaining pups to do sit stay etc.  The 2nd later session will be just sit and stay etc splitting the pups up to do this.













Another new routine to be added this week are more keep fit time for me and hubby with only 24 days till my sister’s wedding.  I’ve got my dress and it looks good but could look a bit better 🙂

So heres to a good week for all 🙂