Its way to early

This morning i was woke at 6.10 to the sounds of the puppies scratching on their baby gate :-/ i tired to go back to sleep but the pups were not going to do the same.  So now i’ve been up an hour the pups  have done what they needed to do and settled to go back to sleep after a good run around with the cats.  Misha of course is still tucked up in bed and no doubt snoring.

So plans for today…

1.  must get pups out for a walk,  the last 2 days were a bit hectic and the walk got missed.

2. more training with pups, Titch would be top of the class if we had one and Tink would be stood in the corner facing the wall 🙂

3. to do my workout… after doubling my exercise i was very disappointed to have a gain at weigh in this week but can’t give up must keep on going

4. chores chores chores ……..



Monday… new week … renewed motivation..

This week is or has got to be a good one, so many new routines to start.

Plan for today is to continue with puppy training and even at a training session later in the day, so lunchtime training session will include walking each pup around the block whilst hubby tries to get the attention of the remaining pups to do sit stay etc.  The 2nd later session will be just sit and stay etc splitting the pups up to do this.













Another new routine to be added this week are more keep fit time for me and hubby with only 24 days till my sister’s wedding.  I’ve got my dress and it looks good but could look a bit better 🙂

So heres to a good week for all 🙂



wednesday …..

Well here we are halfway through the week already.  Don’t know what happened yesterday but puppy training didn’t happen :-/ might of had something to do with me going out to lunch 😉

Will try harder today but we have the pups getting micro chipped this morning, so not sure how they will feel after that. 



Lots to do lots to do ….

Yesterday i walked the pups separately, which i think is probably the first time they have been split up for a short time since they were born.  The plan was for me to walk a pup around the block while hubby did some training with the pup remaining and Misha.

The pups were actually better out on the walk than i thought they would be, Tink did her usual crying but not half as bad as she normally did, she continue to stop and watch cars go by.  Titch on the other hand seemed more stressed and continually tried to jump up at me but does walk to heel brilliantly.

At home was a different matter hubby could not get the pups attention and both were quiet stressed as to where the other pup had gone.

Todays plan is to do it all again but i’ll take the opposite pup out first and if the remaining pups is too stressed to do training i’ll do the training when both are home.

Oh no new photo to add to post …. camera out and clicking away all day so that does not happen again 🙂

Hugs to all the furbabies out there xx have a great day



Lets get back to it……

We had a good week puppy training last week and now this week we’re going to step it up :-/  the pups are not going to like this.

So far both pups can now sit and do down, just need to build on stay.  Titch is a little more focused that Tink but Tink is the loppyier of the too ( sure she should be blonde).

So today we are going to add a walk, which will mean getting leads and harnesses out and on.  I intend to walk each pup separately around the block which should only take about 15mins. 

The pups have no road sence or walk very well on leads so hope to improve that and get the pups used to sometime apart.

'looking back at Misha with her pups'

Back to it …….

Yesterdays training was a bit of a flop, by midmorning we noticed Misha was a bit off colour and all she wanted to do was cuddle up on someones lap 🙂 I’m putting it all down to her just coming into season so we had a quite cuddly day and by evening she was feeling much better.

So today we’ll be back to training with pups, we’ve changed treats as the others were full of colours and apart from making their poo very pretty it sent Tink a bit loopy, well more loopy than usual 🙂

Tink when shes good, Tinker bell when she's not ..aka Teapot

Day 3….

Well yesterday the girls really surprised me, when it came to training i thought they would be more excited about getting treats and forget what they had to do.

It has clicked with Titch she has sit brilliantly, is getting the hang of down and we even did a bit of stay, but as expected the more excitable Tink can manage sit prefers a belly rub on down and is too inpatient to do stay.

I understand its going to be a slow process and still they are all get very upset when one of them leaves the room.

Plans for today are to keep up with the good work.