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Furbabie Friday … Titch

This week i’d like to introduce Titch ūüôā ¬†she is Misha’s daughter from the 2nd litter of pups.

Titch is called a Tri colour because she has three colours (white, black and tan).

nearly all white pup is Titch
nearly all white pup is Titch

Titch got her name by accident and it stuck, she was one of the smallest in the litter and stood out as she was really active within just a few hours of being born and nearly climbed out of the box a few times whilst her other brothers and sisters were being born.

She’s grown into such a loving girl, she not only loves us but she also loves her mum and sister loads and likes nothing more than to cuddle up with them.




at just a few weeks old was getting into trouble
at just a few weeks old was getting into trouble

Titch grew into a really good-looking and very healthy girl until feb ’12 ūüė¶ ¬†we were about to take both Titch and her sister to have their booster jabs but when the vet examined her they found she had a temperature (Titch had been a little quiet for last day or two) ¬†anyway she was given some anti biotic and we delayed giving her¬†the booster.

We took her home and were told to watch her, she appeared to pick up but then without any warning became really ill with Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis she was so ill she was admitted to hospital and spent in total 3wks, 10days of the was in a specialist hospital. ¬†She had all the tests you could imagine… blood and plasma transfusions, scans, xrays the lot.

It was the scariest 3wks i think i’ve ever had with my pets after 3wks the vet was going to try just one more thing ( a gastric tube direct into tummy), they had managed to stop the bleeding but she’d lost so much weight and was refusing to eat, if this feeding tube didn’t help then we would have to let her go.

Sadly at the same time we’d run out of finances, the insurance covered ¬£6,000 and we’d already spent nearly ¬£1,000, the vet suggested we took Titch home and if we were able to, to continue her care with the support of our local vet. ¬†This meant feeding her up again orally and then topping her up with tummy feeds.


1st day home
1st day home

Poor Titch had lost so much weight but she was so glad to be home and within minutes of being home she’d eaten more than she had in the last 3wks, this was a good decision we’d made she’d been too home sick to eat whilst in hospital.

A further 2wks of increasing oral feeds and topping up with tube feeds and she was back at a good weight.





so glad to be home and enjoying cuddles with her sister
so glad to be home and enjoying cuddles with her sister


Slowly her strength has built as she gained weight and now she’s back to full health. ¬†Titch is so very special to us and we came so close to loosing her, couldn’t imagine life without her.

Sometimes she’s quite grumpy and can be very vocal but we wouldn’t have her any other way.

Eventually we intend to spay Titch and not let her have any pups due to not knowing what her little body had gone through. ¬†Although i know she would make a great mum as she so enjoyed playing and helping care for Misha’s 3rd litter.

Titch with Tink & pup from litter 3
Titch with Tink & pup from litter 3 
Vegetable plot · wordless wednesday

Wordless wednesday …. a look a days gone past

My lovely garden last season …

all cleared ready to go










With a bit of work and lots of attention, we produced a bit…


beans & peas     


mmmmm enough to go with ice cream










always room for sweet peas











After a very wet summer and lots of bugs and slugs, our poorest year for produce…

We packed away and now planning for a bigger and better result next year.

we did get some to eat ūüôā



nearly cleared







A few photos that should tel you just a little bit more about me ūüôā

Being a mum · Being a step mum · Black days

Flop week….

Well sadly last week turned out to be a big flop when it came to me sticking to my healthy eating and new exercise plan, all due to an emotional melt down which started brewing sunday evening and hit its peak on thursday.

I ¬†suffer with depression and have done on and of for the last 15yrs sparked off i think with post natal depression then the relationship i was in became a very abusive and controlling relationship. Over that time i’ve been on and off medication, this last period has been over 3yrs OFF medication.

I’ve learnt to listen to myself and as soon as i start to feel low then to¬†concentrate¬†on being motivated and doing positive things. ¬†This episode has just caught me my surprise and hit me hard.

For some reason i’ve become¬†obsessed¬†¬†with what people see and think of me, the biggest critic at the moment seems to be my step daughter. ¬†I became very upset last monday when she had a dental appointment and it was possible that my hubbs would not be able to take her. ¬†SD called hubbs several time worried about how she would get to her appointment¬†despite¬†being told they i would take her. ¬†Still after over 10yrs of helping clothe, feed and out of school care she still wants as little to do with me as possible, oh until it comes to birthdays and christmas of course. ¬†So that was monday ……

It just seem to build from there, my eldest son has moved college course last month and until next month he only attends college 1 day a week the rest of the time he’s sleeping in till noon getting up for lunch returning to his room by 2pm and doing very little. ¬†So when i returned on tuesday morning from a very muddy dog walk and wanted him to pass me the back door key, i’d called him once and all he did was shout ‘what?’ from his pit rather than coming to see what i wanted.

Then of course there has been so many minor issues such as the wet weather making walking the dogs so much more hard work, trying to juggle monies to put towards christmas presents the kids are expecting.  So by wednesday i just went into melt down, something simple like dropping a fork i was drying and i became a crumpled soggy mess on the kitchen floor.  Hubbs found me and gave me the hug i needed and i just bawled till i was dry.  I was promptly sent to bed and slept solidly for 4hrs waking to feeling loads better.

So just for now to reduce some of the pressures a bit i’m going to take just one day at a time, not worry too much about what i’m eating but being careful at the same time. ¬†The area i live in is being battered a bit with stormy rainfalls so outside¬†exercise is a bit hit and miss¬†but will try to drag my wii fit out. I have an appointment booked to see GP next week so i’ll chat with him see what he thinks.

a walk in the park

I will get back on track but for the moment just going 1 day at a time ūüôā









Furbabie Friday

Furbabie Friday …. Misha

Today i’d like to introduce my 1st dog, the eldest of my 3 cavvies. ¬† ¬†Misha Madonna

In 2007 hubbs and i decided we’d like a dog to complete and enhance our little family, after trawling the internet we set of the breed, Cavalier king charles spaniel. ¬†Once the decision had been made and the money raised i wanted the pup there and then, but after call after call i’d always just missed out.

Then one day a saw an advert in a newspaper advertising some female cavvies within our price range. ¬†I contacted the breeder to check that she still had pups available and yayyyyy she did, she then e.mailed me about 4 photos of the most gorgeous little puppies. ¬†Hubbs and i studied them and we had decided we’d like to home the pup in the last photo.

Well to cut a long story short, we broke all the rules (we later learnt) ¬†we arranged to meet the breeder at a motorway services, as soon as we both saw the pup we fell in love. ¬†(once home we studied the photos sent earlier and realized this pup wasn’t the one we chosen)

Within just a few days this little pup had taken hold of ¬†the hearts of every member of the family, she’d worked her magic and got to sleep in our bed at night, ¬†she had a mountain of blankets and toys and wants for nothing.

Overtime Misha grew into such a pleasure and great company.  We attended training classes which showed she was a quick learner and could be well-behaved, on walks she just wanted to play with every dog we met and greeted every human with a wag of her tail.

Misha was getting older and hubbs and i really felt she would love some cavvie company, so we decided to mate her.  Her 1st litter she had a singleton  pup which was just magical but disappointing as the pup was a little boy, which would make things complicated if he stayed with us.  He went to a lovely family just a few doors away.

A year later we tried again and Misha gave birth to 6 pups ( 4 girls & 2 boys)

such a good mum


Misha seemed to take to being a mum so naturally and enjoyed every moment. ¬†( 2 of these pups we kept, you’ll meet them in the following weeks)




Misha just loves having the 2 pups around for company and can’t wait to see them each morning (yes Misha still sleeps on our bed)

At the age of ¬†3 1/2yrs we decided to let her have 1 more litter and we cross-breed her with Shih tzu and she produced a gorgeous litter of 4 Cava tzu’s ( 3 boys & 1 girl) ¬†Again Misha was just the¬†perfect¬†mum, all 4 pups went on to new loving homes. ¬†Once Misha had recovered from this litter (about 3mths later) we got her spayed so no more pups or seasons for our Misha, can just enjoy life now.

she climbs


    she sleeps


and she sleeps a bit more










she runs a bit too                                     









Now 5yrs old she’s such great fun, she knows how to get what she wants, (normally from hubbs) ¬†she loves snuggling up with the pups but also enjoys her time away from them up in bed with us. ¬†Her health is good apart from a little weight gain since her op but we’re working on that.

Well thats Misha, watch out next week for Titch (her daughter from litter 2)

Black days

T.E.B …..

Oh wow …. Total Emotional Breakdown

That was quite unexpected, i know i haven’t been 100% happy in the last few weeks but monday the flood gates opened and i was close to hysterical, so lucky my hubbs was home to just hold me tight.

Time to come out ….

I’ve suffered from different levels of depression on and off for the last 15yrs, on and off medication during that time. ¬† The causes are so many and i think were sparked off with postnatal depression followed by nearly 10yrs of mental torture from my EX ¬†(other issues too)

What sparked this breakdown…..

Where do i start…



Weight loss  (not happening)

Very low feelings of self image and worth

the list is endless and mounting….

I’ve an appointment to chat with my GP but it’s not for 2wks so i need to hold on until then and try to stop myself from sinking further into that very dark place i found myself on monday. ¬†It’s along time since i felt that bad where i would have quiet happily slipped away into nothing, feeling nobody needed ¬†me for anything, they would all survive without me some even be happy that i had gone. ¬†Also feelings of not know where i was going in life what was the point of me being here… so many questions ??

Just typing this blog i feel the darkness lifting as though i’m on my way back up towards the light. ¬†Yesterday hubbs sent me back to bed and i slept solid for 4hrs and woke feeling so much better. ¬†Hopefully this is just a blip and i can make it out the other side without medication.