Inspirations …… in life

Who inspires you ???

In day-to-day life I come across many people who inspire me…..

But so far in my life I’ve come across 1 person who has made a big impact on my life.  Sadly she died December last year, Emma and i had never meet (had made plans too when she was well )   but I felt I knew her so well.  We talked every day about all sorts and everything.  Emma was such a kind, giving and fun-loving person who despite her battles with ongoing illness lived life to the full.

Emma had planned her own funeral and expressed her wishes,  her favourite colour was red and since her funeral I’ve coloured some of my hair red as a constant reminder ” to live life to the full”   We only have one go at it so if you want something  ”just do it”.  Emma was a very special person and I feel honoured to have known her.

Since christmas my sister and I have been battling the bulge and attending Slimming world.  My sister has done fantastically well and she inspires me to keep going.  I’ve also come across many other slimming world members that have lost huge amounts, they inspire me on a daily basis to keep going it can be done.

My eldest son inspires me to do good by both my boys, they have had to cope with being rejected by their father 3yrs ago (despite him living just 10 doors away).  They have coped so fantastically well, my eldest is growing into quite a young man, studying law and 2 other A level at college.  Both boys have gone through many life changes without their father but I’m very proud to say their step dad has taken a brilliant role in their upbringing.

Life should not be wasted so live it…..