Where am i at now ……

   This is me now with my gorgeous sister on her wedding day.

We are both going to keep up with the slimming world way and continue our journey to a more healthy weight 🙂

Something I’ve also learnt is to stand in front of the camera just now and then so I have a record of where I’m going 🙂  Photos tell us so much more than looking in the mirror every day.



Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now is track my weight gain and loss journey over the last,  what seems 2 life times.  I am 5ft 4” and weighed 14st 4 at the beginning of 2011 my aim is to get to 10st 7 and the reassess

As a teen I was a normal size for my height and age.

It wasn’t till I left home that the pounds began to creep on. I lived with a friend,  we partied and ate when and if we wanted.  Drinking most weekends and eating take aways most days.  Sadly this was before the digital time and the only photos I have would need to be scanned.

I then meet my Ex partner and had 2 gorgeous boys, both pregnancies left me a little heavier 😦   Having 2 small toddlers and being an at home mum the pounds didn’t come off easy, that where the very controlling Ex stepped in and took over.  It became the pattern that I would get weighed and then told what I could eat that day, when both the boys were at school I was then encouraged to visit the gym 5 – 6 times a week.  Over a space of 5yrs my weight was kept at 9st 4 and kept at that.  But i also lost the power of thinking and became a robot, a total shell of the real me.

One morning I woke up and came to my senses and left, taking my boys from the family home.  Over the next month or so my weight dropped to just under 9st, just due the stress of getting rid of the old and getting used to the new.

Then I met my soul mate and slowly became happy again but this is when the weight slowly crept up again.   For the first time in many years I could eat what I wanted and when without suffering the consequences,  also my new partner enjoys cooking all sorts of food.

  This was taken in 2005, Casualty (my favourite tv show) came to town to film.  I’ve never liked my photo being taken and would much prefer to take the photo than be in it.  As in many photos my posture is awful but this shows after just 3yrs of not worrying about my weight it’s creeping up.  I look back at this pic and remember thinking then much longer I  really will need to do something ie ‘diet’

  2008 and still the weight is still going on, despite regular walking 😦  but now I know by this time my weight needed attention.   This is probably when I began dieting half heartedly.

  All I can say is ”oh dear”  😦  this was taken in May 2010, me at my  heaviest on photo record, as I can’t find another photo of me since. By this time my weight is effecting my health, my knees and back are hurting most days and there’s the obvious effect on my mental state.

In January 2011 my sister announced she was going to get married in the summer, as much as I was pleased for her, I was dreading the idea. All them photos, what was I going to wear 😦  So together we joined Slimming World to help us in our weight loss journey.  By the wedding in august I had lost 1st 6lb, which is not as much as I had wanted but it was a loss so pleased really and already feeling the health benefits.

So thats me 🙂