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Slow and steady …………….

Well how’s everyone doing ??

Since I last blogged I’ve had 2 good weigh ins and lost a totally of 5 1/2lb I was so pleased but this was followed with a gain of 2lb :-(. I expected that result to set me back but as I’m still overflowing with determination and motivation I’ve stuck to the plan more than ever. I’m putting my gain down to working 5 12hr shifts in 6 days and I struggled to stay focused on food preparation and being tired willpower was at a low ebb and of course there was the day off in between which involved 2 takeaway’s :-/ Even though I chose wisely :-/ with the food items i obviously went overboard with the hot chocolate drink.

The gain has put me under pressure and reignited my determination, due to weighing in Wednesday instead of the Monday as usual this means i have less time to try and pull back the weight loss so i’ll just do my very best.

just 2 of my meals this week

As for my mood its been good obviously being preoccupied with work and loving it then the slimming world stuff on my days off I’ve had very little time to think too much. Today is the beginning of a weeks annual leave so i’m filling in my schedule so as to keep busy and productive which in turn stabilises my mood.

My TO DO list includes ….

Sewing – Blankets, doggie bandana’s, peg bags and a Christmas stocking or 2

Admin stuff – I have a huge pile of filing to do, I also want to organise some sort of payment log for my bills

Decorating – This will be mainly motivating hubbs to do some 🙂

Gardening – Need to clear my hanging baskets and a few tubs away, weather permitting I would like to jet wash the paths before winter really sets in as they can get really slippy in some places.

General House chores – Due to work I’ve got a bit behind and have a huge pile of ironing (which I hate to confess I actually enjoy doing)

Would also like to catch up with friends and family, sadly only managed to get one visit with my gorgeous Ruby Rose (granddaughter) during her visit home this week so will make sure I get more time with her when she visits next time. Will be spending time with my daughter helping rearrange her flat so when her little family returns they have a more space.

Oh and I will try and breath at some point lol

Returning to the world of work after a very long time as an at home mum, I have come to treasure my time off and like to make the most of any time I get in the most productive way I can.

So heres to a busy productive week off 🙂