Well what a week…………..

Everything seems to have settle into a nice routine since returning back to school/college.  I’m back on my slimming world diet and back on a losing streak 🙂

My gorgeous hubby has now managed 15days booze free and in 2wks has lost 6lb :-).  At first he was quite ill with bad stomach discomfort and horrid headaches in the mornings, thankfully that’s now beginning to settle and his appetite is picking up.

The biggest event since last checking in last was  the very horrible experience I’ve had on Facebook.  Up untill now I’ve enjoyed Facebook, meeting new people, catching up with distant family and in general a fun time.  But I’ve become a victim of the keyboard bully, I had actually blocked the person concerned many months ago due to my timeline passing so quickly and me missing many important people s messages.  Anyway it came to my attention that this person started a hate campaign against me, which actually became slanderous on many occasions.  It involved many people I had never heard of but seemed to have an opinion of me.  It it wasn’t for a few very good friends and lots of supporting messages I think I would have deleted and deactivated the account.

So now I’ll be keeping my guard up on Facebook and I’ll continue to tell people if they don’t like me or what I do, then just delete me 🙂




Misha X Oscar …. day 35

Well things are looking more and more positive every day.   Misha appetite has picked up and she’s enjoying her chicken and rice or scrambled egg in the morning. There are more physical signs to her nipples are developing, including her top 2 which are normally very flat.  I weighed her 2wks ago and she’s put on 1lb in weight in that time.

We went for a walk today and I let her run free for a few minutes then put her on lead, which she was quite happy about, trotting slowly alongside me.

Will be booking a scan very soon.   All is looking good.



Misha X Oscar… day 28

Yesterday Misha was sick a little in the morning, then refused half her tea, she also slept a lot and refused to join in playtime with the pups.

Today she’s been pretty much the same, so trying not to get hopes up to soon but wonder if she’s got a little bit of morning sickness.  Gave her some rice and chicken mid morning which she really enjoyed, so will be interested to see what she eats at tea time.  All she’s done today is sleep curled up as close to me as possible.



A week of mixed emotions….

This time last week we were nursing our youngest cat Missy, she’d not eaten very well for a few days so was needing lots of TLC.  Couldn’t find a reason for her loss of appetite until whilst drinking some water she coughed out a huge tooth.  Within a few hours of doing this she’d started to pick up and although still not 100% she’s getting there.

''having a sneaky nap in the dogs bed''

Missy being ill reminded me of the heartache we set ourselves up for when taking on a family pet.  I think I’ve got my furbabie family and won’t be having any more.

Saturday I was on a high as I obtained one of my 2012 goals, which was to have one of my photos printed, I did it 🙂

2nd January on a cold but sunny very early morning.

Sunday my gorgeous hubbs started the biggest challenge he’s had in a long time, he’s going to give up drinking.  After 18mths of drinking nearly every day and health issues beginning to show this is it.  So in support, I’ll not be drinking  either  🙂 which I hope will help another goal I set myself for 2012 and that’s to reach my set target by June.

Monday we started our new more organised routine and whilst de.frosting one of the freezers managed to work out a weeks menu using what we had which in turn will mean a low spend week    yipheeee 🙂

I’ll not be updating Misha X Oscar this week as there is no change, so keep your fingers crossed that I’ll have something to report next week.

Here’s wishing you all a great week 🙂

''must be tea time ''

My first weekly blog….short and sweet….

Not a lot to say as yet.

Our new years eve went well, this was the first year that my eldest went out (spent the evening with his g/friend) and hubbs daughter spent the night with her mum.  Which left me, hubbs, my youngest and hubbs eldest, the evening was spent skipping through many tv channels until 11.50pm when we settled on the one until it was all over and the new year had began.

1st January was a lazy day.

2nd January, time to tidy away christmas and start getting ready for returning to normality.  I started the day with a very fresh walk with the dogs at one of my favourite spots up on the hill.


My youngest son came with me so he could try out his new camera,  which was very nice to have some company.









Once back home the ”girls” were settled and we changed out of our muddy walking gear for a trip into town to get new school shoes.  Whilst there we took a quick walk around the docks.









By lunchtime we were getting hungry so did plan to grab a sandwich and then to go to the cathedral, but sadly the carpark was full and over flowing so we’ll leave that for another day.  I enjoyed spending time with my youngest today and i hope i gave him a little inspiration for taking photos (yet to see what he captured)

My plan with blogging is now to do a weekly blog chatting about the week that has past including the odd photo, todays blog has more than expected due to only having a few days to chat about 🙂

Until next time my friends enjoy your week and live life to the full 🙂