Sunday comes around so quickly…

Here we are again sunday evening,   well last week wasn’t too bad 🙂 must try harder with the slimming as i only lost 1 1/2lb which puts me behind slightly on our target. 

Sadly not a lot else to say….. Thursday was a very sad day as it was a friends funeral.  On the news and in the papers Facebook gets a lot of bad press, but for me its been great.  I’ve caught up with long-lost family which has been great.  The biggest thing though is i have made some brilliant friends and contacts.  Before Emma died we’d chat most days and had been chatting for about 2yrs, our usual date was friday night over a bottle of wine.  We had planned to get together but sadly didn’t manage it.

Emma was probably the kindest person i’ve ever known, she never had a bad word to say about anyone.  Her knowledge on taking care of cavvies was huge and she was always keen to share, if she didn’t know something then she would find out  and always remember to get back to me.  I miss her more than i thought i would, she died at such a young age (40) its woken me up and i need to make some permanent changes, my health being the biggest change.  Also if she wanted something then she’d go out and get it or do it, so no more sitting around moaning, wishing and wondering.  RIP Emma my friend xx

We managed to get out with the dogs only twice this past week, first time i took all 3 out on my own to the local park, well that was really hard work and  it was made  worse by so much mud 😦  Then today hubby and i took the dogs in the car for a walk up the hill, this was so much more enjoyable and we braved letting the pups off lead, it was brilliant…. a short taste of our many walks to come in the future 🙂

So heres to the future, onwards upwards and just get on with it 🙂

our 1st off lead walk