Misha X Oscar …… 7 1/2wks old

Well the last few weeks have flown by.  The pups have gone from being just blobby blobs of fur to mini little ‘hippo’s’.

At 4wks we started them on solids which was just dry kibble soaked in water to a porridge mix, once they were up to 4 meals a day I stopped Misha feeding them, this was about 6wks old.  Over the last week I’ve dried up the porridge mix and they are now just eating dry kibble and loving it.  Poor Misha has to be squeezed into a babies vest when she has contact with the pups as they to try to get a sneaky feed still.

'does my bum look big in this ??'


The pups have grown into gorgeous little dogs with their own little personalities.  Each of them has characteristic’s from both breeds in different ways.  The only girl is the tallest and has quite a smooth coat and a very obvious cavalier face but a very curly shih tzu tail.  Then one of the boys is so obviously a shih tzu with very short legs and unruly coat.

At 7 1/2wks now this week will fly by as they are all off to their new forever homes at the weekend.  I’ll spend the week pampering and taking as many photos as possible.

I’ve loved every minute of this little litter of cross-breed pups and feel it was the best decision I’ve made for a long time.  If and when we have some more pups i will do it again.









So thats it, this was Misha X Oscar = 4 very gorgeous Cava Tzu

”missing you all already xx my little ‘hippo’s’ xx