Well what a busy week has past….

Last week we prepared for my sister’s wedding by having a pamper day this included a trip to feed our feet to the fishes ( i later found out they don’t eat your feet, they expel the skin through their gills), some retail therapy, a very yummy coffee and cake and finished off in the nail bar.

Friday was the big day, it was absolutely gorgeous weather, my sister looked stunning and the day went off without a hitch.

Saturday i packed my boys off to the seaside where they spent 5 days with their dads family.  The little bits i’ve had from them so far is they have had a brilliant time and don’t want to come home today 🙂

I’ve had a lovely relaxing 5 days, we’ve relaxed on the diet and ate lots of yummy food but hopefully balanced that with some lovely walks with the girls.

what a funny sensation