Here we go…..

Well this week is going to be a full steam ahead week.  Lots of last-minute wedding preparations,  continue with puppy training, increase walks ( as Misha has lost her waistline slightly) and also try to do more keep fit for me too as i want to try to limit the wedding damage to my weight loss.

Today I’m off to the shops to buy hubby a new shirt and the final bits to go with my outfit.  Need to get eldest son into the barbers for a trim plus a bit more. 

So far today we’ve had a nice early start but now limited to what i can do without waking the rest of the house, although if  I’m up why aren’t they ??

This weekend i tried to cut down on visiting the dreaded very addictive Facebook and on sunday visited only a few times and actually coped quite well 🙂  but then when i did go in i was very sad to hear that a friend had been burgled and wiped out completely.  It’s a horrible and sick feeling when something like that happens, in the past i’ve been burgled 3 times from each time i’ve learnt… i’ll never have a jewelry box although not a lot was in it but all my special things were together and went in one go :-(.  I try not to have the same habits and go out and different times.  It’s a horrible feeling, stay strong Lynne and i’m sure with the help of your daughter you will get through and come out the other side fighting.

I love monday mornings really as they bring a fresh week and i’m full of motivation, so while the house is still sleeping i think i’ll get out my Wii fit and do my thing.

Sorry if this blog has been a bit of a witter, i know what needs doing, what i want to get done just need the time, energy and continued motivation so  in the words of my friend Emma   ”just do it ”