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7wks post op & allotment update

Well i’m so glad i had sown as many seedlings as i did before i went into hospital because the allotment is nearly full, the garden vegetable bed is full and so are the greenhouses.
003 (11)019 (7)
I’ve got a few money makers tomato plants and a pumpkin plant to take to the allotment which will fill in the last space then it will be serious weeding šŸ™‚

We had a slight disappointment with the allotment, i have 2 old draws that i was going to use a cold frames but then i’d got given another greenhouse i thought i’d just manage with them.. so instead i decided to plant some colour .. some poached egg flowers. The seeds were slowly popping up only to be stood on and squashed by someone fixing their garden fence šŸ˜¦ Thankfully it was only the one bed so turning a negative into a positive i’ve decided to top the compost up and sow some carrots and spring onions.

But i must give all the credit to my dear hubbs who has taken my supervising him with great valour. On top of helping me with the allotment he’s made a start on laying a patio in the back garden as we’ve decided to totally revamp and re.organise the whole back garden which will give us and the dogs more space but also still leave me an area to grow a few vegetables.

Last august when we took on the allotment we decided back then that we will spend as little as possible which means recycling everything we can think of, here’s a few things we’ve re.used.

make great lettuce planters
make great lettuce planters

pop bottles again make great supports for shelving to keep the cats off the veg bed, pop bottles also make green mini greenhouses for new seedlings
pop bottles again make great supports for shelving to keep the cats off the veg bed, pop bottles also make green mini greenhouses for new seedlings

As a plot marker i have 2 old car tyres that i planted an azalea shrub in, some of the netting over my cabbage and sprouts covers the old framework for a plastic green house and our latest project uses 2 old pallets and yes more pop bottles… our strawberry tower šŸ™‚
strawberry tower

Just a short mention about my recovery… i’m doing well and have reduced the painkillers but my body is still telling me at the end of the day that i’ve done too much. It’s a big operation and i really didn’t understand the full impact before hand but between the growing vegetables, my dogs and my photograph i’m just about remaining sane.

allotment · Gardening · life changes · Vegetable plot

Seedlings update

Well i’ve managed to get quite a head start and between my 3 little greenhouses and kitchen window sill everything is doing really well.

The first weekend of April we spent some time at the allotment finished digging the beds, moved 2 fruit bushes over a little then finally got the potatoes in.

At home in the vegetable garden we’ve worked on emptying one of the beds that is in bad need of repair. I took a risk and have also planted out some peas and broad beans.
Broad beans
But now i’m laid up in bed due to an operation on the 8th April, i’ve left the care of my seedlings to hubbs. As i couldn’t get down the greenhouse hubbs took photos of how everything is doing šŸ™‚ and so far its all looking ok. He’s managed to pot on some beetroot i had forgotten about and got very leggy, so hopefully we’ll finally get beetroot.

Another few days and i hope to be able to walk around the house and garden which obviously i’m gagging to do as the weather is lovely sunny and warm… then i’ll be taking on a supervisory role in the garden and get these veggies going.

No booze challenge

31 day challenge … day 22

I woke today with what felt like the worse hangover ever….. obviously it wasn’t a hangover as i’ve now been alcohol free for the last 22 days. Ā This headache also came with dizziness and sickness, Ā so i had to return to bed, which is where i stayed and slept till well into the afternoon. Ā By 3ish the dizziness and sickness had gone and i was just left with a muggy head so i got up andĀ persuaded hubbs to take me food shopping.


Today’s menu

Breakfast : Ā Porridge

Lunch : Ā missed

Tea : Ā Butternut squash and tomato curry and rice Ā  (slimming world recipe)


Booze craving : Ā 0/10 Ā and really looking forward to my chocolate options


Butternut squash and tomato curry with rice

Butternut squash and tomato curry

1 Ā Butternut Squash

1 Ā Onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 tsp turmeric

1 chilli Ā ( i used 1 tsp chilli powder)

2 tbsp medium curry powder

1 veg stock cube in 3/4 boiling water

1 handful red lentils

Tomato’s Ā ( i used 1 tin )

also added 1 green pepper just because i had 1 that needed to be used.

Fry chopped onion (in frylight) until soft add spices

then add stock and lentils

Place chopped butternut squash, tomato’s and stock mix into a casserole dish and place in medium oven for 40mins to an hour.

I actually place all my ingredients into the slow cooker and left for a few hours, the smell is gorgeous even hubbs commented and he hates curries.

I’ve had 1 portion and the rest i will split up into 2 or 3 more portions and freeze.