18mths has passed….

A lot has changed in the last 18mths so I think it’s time for a update and rejuvenation of me and my blog.

Watch this space 


Oh Dear ……

Where has the year gone ….

January was taken up with spending as much time as I could with my new granddaughter.  Ruby Rose is now nearly a year old and brings so much pleasure to all that meet her.

February, I had my big   50th  birthday bash…. was nerve wracking and will probably never do a party like that again.  what to wear?? How much food to make?? Will people  turn up ??img_0003

It turned out to be a brilliant night,  people I didn’t expect to turn up did and others that said yes they’d be there weren’t, but most of all… those that did had fun and made some special  memories.

Also in February I made a slight career change from Senior Carer to Training Coordinator at first wasn’t sure but then as the job role developed and I caught up, the job became a good decision and became a good move.

March was a  quiet month catching up with live and finances.  As the weather changed and got warmer our thoughts turned to the biggest and never ending  project the garden.

By April we were finally able to start work on our new design and hopefully it will be Ruby friendly garden.


Moving rubble and soil to level off the area we planned to put a greenhouse started with a slightly raised flower bed this seemed to grow higher every time we worked out in the garden.

May, the month of Hubbs birthday celebrations …. his birthday wish was granted by spending a weekend in Cardiff exploring the sights of Cardiff Castle and of course a trip to the Dr Who museum.


June and every spare moment until September was filled with spending time in the garden, we purchased a polycarbonate 8” by 6” greenhouse this needed its own corner of the garden which needed a retaining wall to be built, the ground levelling and a hard standing built.  We also replaced 3 fence  panels on one side of the garden making the top part of the garden now much safer for the dogs.

July we had the pleasure of attending a friends wedding in Glastonbury, this meant another nice treat of staying over in a hotel.  Really should do that more often.

In August, Ruby now aged 7mths came for her first sleep over …. reminded me of how much hard work small babies are but I loved every minute of it.  Over the following months Ruby came for more sleep overs not as many as I’d like but that will get better in the new year.


September we ticked off something else on my bucket list which was a trip to Westernbirt  Arboretum.   The trees were just starting to change to their glorious autumn colours, they have a great collection of Maples which showed this off to the best.

IMG_5439 (2).JPG

November I ventured on to what has become the biggest challenge of the year.  I managed to secure a place on the Return to practise course which will eventually enable me to practice as a qualified nurse again.  My place has been supported by Glos  Hospitals NHS Trust so I have been very fortunate in being employed whilst taking the course.

Returning to the NHS after what must be nearly 20yrs I’ve seen some huge changes, some things obviously haven’t changed and with some great people to support me I feel I’ve settled back well into what has become a very fast paced daily routine.  The practical ward placement has been easy compares to the academic side of the course, writing reflective assignments is very new to me although I suppose you could call what I’ve done in this blog …reflective.

This brings me to December ….. nearly a year since my last blog….   I have lots more adventures for Hubbs and I next year ..there’s still a huge amount of work to do on the garden before it is totally safe for Ruby.

So I end this entry by wishing everyone that should take the time to read it




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New beginnings

Yesterday something very big in my life happened …. I became a very proud grandparent.

A great start to what I hope to be a very memorable year as it is also my 50th birthday in February, my darling hubbs is also 50 in May… my  or I should say our plans are to live a bit this year.  The children are all old enough to manage without us for a few days freeing us up to travel a bit.

This is hopefully going to be the first of many new blogs following my 50th year and our adventures and also the odd trial and tribulations of life.   I’ll pop back in a few days to perhaps do an outline of our celebration plans for the year, just felt as the dogs had got me up at some stupid time before I had to go to work i’d make a start.


Not a greatly flattering photo but need to take a few more and download to new laptop…. but this is Ruby my very gorgeous granddaughter.

Well be back soon better go get ready for work  🙂

Have a lovely day and thank you for taking the time to read my blog …it will get better I promise 🙂




Through my kitchen window …..

Today i woke in a bland mood … weather is wet …. so can’t go out in the garden…. was going to spend a day on the sofa and watch my ‘catch up’ tv  but wanted to do something a little more productive.

So many sewing projects i want to do and will probably go and make a start on them shortly but first i’d like to share what i can see from my kitchen window …..

my garden
my garden

128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 140 142 144 150 153 156

Thats what i can see today …tomorrow there my be other things and as time goes on the garden will change from and organised muddle to a haven of colour, piece and hopefully a thing of beauty.

What can you see from your window ??

Have a lovely day 🙂

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7wks post op & allotment update

Well i’m so glad i had sown as many seedlings as i did before i went into hospital because the allotment is nearly full, the garden vegetable bed is full and so are the greenhouses.
003 (11)019 (7)
I’ve got a few money makers tomato plants and a pumpkin plant to take to the allotment which will fill in the last space then it will be serious weeding 🙂

We had a slight disappointment with the allotment, i have 2 old draws that i was going to use a cold frames but then i’d got given another greenhouse i thought i’d just manage with them.. so instead i decided to plant some colour .. some poached egg flowers. The seeds were slowly popping up only to be stood on and squashed by someone fixing their garden fence 😦 Thankfully it was only the one bed so turning a negative into a positive i’ve decided to top the compost up and sow some carrots and spring onions.

But i must give all the credit to my dear hubbs who has taken my supervising him with great valour. On top of helping me with the allotment he’s made a start on laying a patio in the back garden as we’ve decided to totally revamp and re.organise the whole back garden which will give us and the dogs more space but also still leave me an area to grow a few vegetables.

Last august when we took on the allotment we decided back then that we will spend as little as possible which means recycling everything we can think of, here’s a few things we’ve re.used.

make great lettuce planters
make great lettuce planters

pop bottles again make great supports for shelving to keep the cats off the veg bed, pop bottles also make green mini greenhouses for new seedlings
pop bottles again make great supports for shelving to keep the cats off the veg bed, pop bottles also make green mini greenhouses for new seedlings

As a plot marker i have 2 old car tyres that i planted an azalea shrub in, some of the netting over my cabbage and sprouts covers the old framework for a plastic green house and our latest project uses 2 old pallets and yes more pop bottles… our strawberry tower 🙂
strawberry tower

Just a short mention about my recovery… i’m doing well and have reduced the painkillers but my body is still telling me at the end of the day that i’ve done too much. It’s a big operation and i really didn’t understand the full impact before hand but between the growing vegetables, my dogs and my photograph i’m just about remaining sane.

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16 days post op……

Feeling really good, minimal pain 🙂 but bored outta my brain !!!!!

Not quiet up to going to the allotment today but did get out into the garden where we are keeping 2 vegetable beds. Just love these no dig beds, turned over the surface to clear any cat poo ”Yuck” then got on with sowing some seeds. We’ve sown 2 rows of carrots, 2 rows of spring onions, 1 row of radish and a row of lettuce. Also planted out some round lettuce seedlings but placed them under bottle top cloches.

Sadly the slugs and snails have had a real banquet on my pea’s and broad beans so i removed the dead and will be replacing them.

1st home-grown leek

Eventually went for it a picked my first home grown leek, which even if i say so myself looks pretty good. Leeks are something we don’t actually eat that often if at all so i don’t think i’ll grow them again due to the amount of time the spend growing.

vegetable bed 1

Still signed off for another 4wks then have to go for check up with gp.

Fingers crossed we are able to get to the allotment in the next week or two, although i’ll only be supervising we do have some seedlings that really could do with being planted out.

squash & courgette

bye for now 🙂 sure i’ll be back soon

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Seedlings update

Well i’ve managed to get quite a head start and between my 3 little greenhouses and kitchen window sill everything is doing really well.

The first weekend of April we spent some time at the allotment finished digging the beds, moved 2 fruit bushes over a little then finally got the potatoes in.

At home in the vegetable garden we’ve worked on emptying one of the beds that is in bad need of repair. I took a risk and have also planted out some peas and broad beans.
Broad beans
But now i’m laid up in bed due to an operation on the 8th April, i’ve left the care of my seedlings to hubbs. As i couldn’t get down the greenhouse hubbs took photos of how everything is doing 🙂 and so far its all looking ok. He’s managed to pot on some beetroot i had forgotten about and got very leggy, so hopefully we’ll finally get beetroot.

Another few days and i hope to be able to walk around the house and garden which obviously i’m gagging to do as the weather is lovely sunny and warm… then i’ll be taking on a supervisory role in the garden and get these veggies going.