My season has started …..

Published February 9, 2014 by Kim

Might be a bit early and i know its risky but i did it any way 🙂

ready to go

ready to go

So with 3 lots of seeds I’ve just laid them on wet tissue and will transplant when they germinated.. never done this before but some people I’ve chatted to find it good if the seeds are old, i did peas, cauliflower and parsnips. literally there was just no more than 10 seeds of each put into a small propagator inside another bigger one.

seed mountain

seed mountain

Into potting compost i have sown some cherry and money-maker tomatoes and some sweet peppers. Like the seeds on tissue I’ve put them into small propagators then placed into bigger ones.

mixed daffs

Popped to the allotment yesterday and although we’re very lucky and not flooded but still very wet. The biggest worry was the shed but its safe and still standing.

The vegetable garden looks ok both beds were covered with cardboard so not sure what to expect when i lift that. As as things start drying up we have plans to rebuild one of the 2 beds so there’ll be a few ton of soil to move. Once the soil is moved and the new bed built i intend to empty my compost bin into the new bed then cover back up with soil.

I have noticed that 2 fence panels joining our garden to next door have fallen into or garden … so i suppose that should take priority over any other jobs. Ideally I’d like to re.fence all of the bottom half of the garden.

Moving to the front garden which seems to collect all of the streets rubbish behind the rubbish are my 2 Belfast sinks ….. looking closely it won’t be too long before we get some colour.

New year new growing season ..

Published January 12, 2014 by Kim

Yesterday the sun shone brightly which gave me itchy green fingers …. luckily i resisted the temptation as later that evening there was a light frost.
First frost

Today i got out my books and read up on what we should be doing and the answer i found was not a lot :-), so instead i got all my seeds out and sorted through what we have and what we need to get, also grouped them into months in which they should be sown (to be used as a guideline )

seed packets

Next task will be to draw out a plan of what we’re going to grow where 🙂 …. time to get paper and pens out.

Happy new year to all my followers ….

Published January 12, 2014 by Kim

Its been ages since i blogged here … but i hope to put that right. I’m not going to make resolutions to do certain things .. i hope to make new routines and achievable goals.

August 2013 after being on the waiting list for yrs we finally managed to get an allotment on a site just 2 minutes walk away from home. So this year we intend to keep just 2 raised beds in the garden vegetable plot and grow the majority of our vegetables down and the allotment. I hope to blog on our progress throughout the coming growing season.
Plot 1a
garden vegetable plot

I do hope to try to do the usual… get fit & loose weight but by concentrating on other things i hope they will just happen.

Later in the year i hope to go to university to study Back to Nursing course which will enable me to practise as a trained nurse again. Until then i intend on improving my maths currently enrolled in a course at college and attending all the study days possible that work arrange.

Also the usual subjects will probably come up are adventures of my dogs … any photo shoots i get inspired to do.

So again happy new year to you all … lets make 2014 a memorable one xx

Mixed emotions …

Published January 1, 2014 by Kim

On the last day of 2013 for some reason I was really aware of the emotions I was feeling from the minute I got up in the morning I felt each emotion in order during the day
Fed up
and finally comatosed

what a whirl wind of feelings …

Been awhile …. life has just been getting in the way

Published November 3, 2013 by Kim

Where do i start … ok in brief

Allotment and vegetable garden are going well just need a few days off work to coincide with some dry weather so i can tidy both and put them to bed for the winter.  On a plus i managed to get £45 worth of seeds with 2015 sell by dates for just £7.50 what a bargain 🙂  The  weeds have been reduced by regular weeding but my biggest problem seems to be nasturtiums coming up every where.

still a bit of clearing to do

still a bit of clearing to do

The vegetable garden still needs so much sorting, decided to reduce back down from 3 raised beds down to 2 and in the place of the 3rd a small patio area where i’ll have a little seating area and the washing line can sit.

Work is going really well, i’ve applied to do the Back to Practice Nursing course, this will enable me to re.register and practice and nurse.  The home manager has been really good and says the company will support me in any way i need.


As a family we had a very traumatic time recently involving my eldest son, he has been left home a few months now and got very low after his long distance relationship hit some bad times and came to an end.  This affected  him badly, so much so he took an overdose,  thankfully he woke up the next morning and attended a few appointments he had aswell as catching up with me.  As the day went on his condition got worse so i took him into hospital where they did tests and gave him the antidote for what he’d taken.  During this time it also came out that my son has been battling with his gender for many years and feels like he’s a girl in a boy’s body.  After years of research he has decided to start his transition to become a transgender.

I instantly went into shock and over the last few weeks researching, chatting to others and my son i can accept his decision to become a female and will be as supportive as i possible can.   From what we’ve read from the research its a very slow and long process of which our first port of call was our GP.  Our GP has sadly never had to help a patient in this way before so we all went of to some yet more research into how we get the transition started.

The first brick wall that was hit was the clinic…… to get to be seen by a specialist you need to be referred by your local mental health team, we thought great they already know my son due to the counselling he’s been having after the overdose but as yet they have been unhappy to talk about anything other than his depression and anxiety.  Looks like we might have to get GP to do another referral to them, but would be nice if he can do a referral straight to the clinic… our next appointment will be next week  will know more then.

As for my son who after this blog will be referred to as my daughter Maya has spent a lot of time as his female self this past week and become more confident and i’d like to think a little happier.

As a mum of a mtf transgender i will be writing about our ups and downs in a separate blog, please ask for the link if you are interested in following or have any help or advice that might help in any way.

Thank you



7th week update of our allotment plot 1A

Published August 30, 2013 by Kim

Haven’t we been lucky with the weather for the last 7weeks there have been very few days that its rained too much to keep us home.  So every spare minute we’ve had we run off to the allotment   🙂

Being the typical impatient women i am i was keen to get something in the ground other than a spade and took a risk.  I sowed some carrots, spring onions, peas, courgettes and turnips and look what i harvested yesterday.

017  no bad and there’s another courgette growing well.  Only a few of the spring onions germinated, slightly  more carrots, turnips are fighting for survival from slugs and i hope to harvest enough peas on sunday for lunch.

We’ve managed to get hold of a small shed and with some TLC it will shelter us from them surprise showers.

The plot has been split up into 5 edged beds although the 5th has the shed on half of it and we plan to do a small seating area on the other half.  We are slowly digging and finely weeding all the beds, i think we’re on about our 3rd time for 2 of the beds so weeds aren’t coming back quite so quickly,  now thinking about covering the soil with cardboard.



All the paths have been wood chipped to help reduce having to weed and cut the grass on them.  We’ve managed to get hold of 2 quite big draws which we plan to make into cold frames.  I think rather than put my strawberries into one of the beds i’ll do something with pallets (yet to decide on plan)

All in all its going well 🙂 roll on next season.

We’ll continue to grow vegetables in the garden but reduce the raised  beds back to just 2 it will be the smaller things like carrots, peas and spring onions and i hope to get more green house space for the seedlings 🙂

All is good 🙂



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