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7wks post op & allotment update

Well i’m so glad i had sown as many seedlings as i did before i went into hospital because the allotment is nearly full, the garden vegetable bed is full and so are the greenhouses.
003 (11)019 (7)
I’ve got a few money makers tomato plants and a pumpkin plant to take to the allotment which will fill in the last space then it will be serious weeding 🙂

We had a slight disappointment with the allotment, i have 2 old draws that i was going to use a cold frames but then i’d got given another greenhouse i thought i’d just manage with them.. so instead i decided to plant some colour .. some poached egg flowers. The seeds were slowly popping up only to be stood on and squashed by someone fixing their garden fence 😦 Thankfully it was only the one bed so turning a negative into a positive i’ve decided to top the compost up and sow some carrots and spring onions.

But i must give all the credit to my dear hubbs who has taken my supervising him with great valour. On top of helping me with the allotment he’s made a start on laying a patio in the back garden as we’ve decided to totally revamp and re.organise the whole back garden which will give us and the dogs more space but also still leave me an area to grow a few vegetables.

Last august when we took on the allotment we decided back then that we will spend as little as possible which means recycling everything we can think of, here’s a few things we’ve re.used.

make great lettuce planters
make great lettuce planters

pop bottles again make great supports for shelving to keep the cats off the veg bed, pop bottles also make green mini greenhouses for new seedlings
pop bottles again make great supports for shelving to keep the cats off the veg bed, pop bottles also make green mini greenhouses for new seedlings

As a plot marker i have 2 old car tyres that i planted an azalea shrub in, some of the netting over my cabbage and sprouts covers the old framework for a plastic green house and our latest project uses 2 old pallets and yes more pop bottles… our strawberry tower 🙂
strawberry tower

Just a short mention about my recovery… i’m doing well and have reduced the painkillers but my body is still telling me at the end of the day that i’ve done too much. It’s a big operation and i really didn’t understand the full impact before hand but between the growing vegetables, my dogs and my photograph i’m just about remaining sane.

allotment · Gardening · life changes · Vegetable plot

16 days post op……

Feeling really good, minimal pain 🙂 but bored outta my brain !!!!!

Not quiet up to going to the allotment today but did get out into the garden where we are keeping 2 vegetable beds. Just love these no dig beds, turned over the surface to clear any cat poo ”Yuck” then got on with sowing some seeds. We’ve sown 2 rows of carrots, 2 rows of spring onions, 1 row of radish and a row of lettuce. Also planted out some round lettuce seedlings but placed them under bottle top cloches.

Sadly the slugs and snails have had a real banquet on my pea’s and broad beans so i removed the dead and will be replacing them.

1st home-grown leek

Eventually went for it a picked my first home grown leek, which even if i say so myself looks pretty good. Leeks are something we don’t actually eat that often if at all so i don’t think i’ll grow them again due to the amount of time the spend growing.

vegetable bed 1

Still signed off for another 4wks then have to go for check up with gp.

Fingers crossed we are able to get to the allotment in the next week or two, although i’ll only be supervising we do have some seedlings that really could do with being planted out.

squash & courgette

bye for now 🙂 sure i’ll be back soon

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Seedlings update

Well i’ve managed to get quite a head start and between my 3 little greenhouses and kitchen window sill everything is doing really well.

The first weekend of April we spent some time at the allotment finished digging the beds, moved 2 fruit bushes over a little then finally got the potatoes in.

At home in the vegetable garden we’ve worked on emptying one of the beds that is in bad need of repair. I took a risk and have also planted out some peas and broad beans.
Broad beans
But now i’m laid up in bed due to an operation on the 8th April, i’ve left the care of my seedlings to hubbs. As i couldn’t get down the greenhouse hubbs took photos of how everything is doing 🙂 and so far its all looking ok. He’s managed to pot on some beetroot i had forgotten about and got very leggy, so hopefully we’ll finally get beetroot.

Another few days and i hope to be able to walk around the house and garden which obviously i’m gagging to do as the weather is lovely sunny and warm… then i’ll be taking on a supervisory role in the garden and get these veggies going.

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Grow babies grow ….

my daffs

Well i think i’m on track with all my seedlings, so far sown 5 different types of tomatoes from mini cherry tomatoes to huge beef tomatoes, peas, cucumber, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broad beans, beetroot, then for flowers i’ve done marigolds, pansies and teddy bears sunflowers.

cucumbers Plum tomatoes

As the seedlings very quickly filled all my south-facing window sills we invested in a small plastic walk in greenhouse, this with the 4 tier plastic green house i already have i thought should be enough.
green houses A few days later whilst chatting to a very good neighbour, he offered us a 3 tier green house.. whilst carrying it across the road the cover became damaged, which was fine i could still use it for the stacking shelves… 3 days later that same neighbour dropped in a brand new cover. Will be making sure lots of home-grown veg goes his way 🙂

This past weeks weather has been lovely and warm so we took the opportunity to pop to the allotment and see whats happening. Bumped into the site manager and it turns out all plots have now been allocated which is great to hear, it will be great seeing the other plots used too. We started digging and weeding what looked like the dryest bed and it turned over really well as we moved on to the next bed the more we dug the wetter and heavier it got.

We then moved on to the next job which was collecting bark chippings from a neighbour who’d had too much delivered so being as helpful as we could, we took some to top up our paths also mentioned the chippings to another plot holder who collected some too.
Plot 1A

This afternoon was another gorgeously warm one so i spent the time potting on some seedlings and sowing more seeds. Feeling very organised so far, just watching the weather and on the evenings when the temperature drops too low i’ve been lighting a DIY tea light candle heater in the bigger greenhouse.

Sadly i have to go to work now for the next 5days but then off for nearly 2wks so if the weathers still good we’ll be finishing the digging at the allotment and also start preparing the 2 vegetable beds we have in the back garden.

Hows everyone else doing ???

Anyone put potatoes in yet ?? i’m hoping to get mine in at the end of the month.

Happy growing till next update xx

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My season has started …..

Might be a bit early and i know its risky but i did it any way 🙂

ready to go
ready to go

So with 3 lots of seeds I’ve just laid them on wet tissue and will transplant when they germinated.. never done this before but some people I’ve chatted to find it good if the seeds are old, i did peas, cauliflower and parsnips. literally there was just no more than 10 seeds of each put into a small propagator inside another bigger one.

seed mountain
seed mountain

Into potting compost i have sown some cherry and money-maker tomatoes and some sweet peppers. Like the seeds on tissue I’ve put them into small propagators then placed into bigger ones.

mixed daffs

Popped to the allotment yesterday and although we’re very lucky and not flooded but still very wet. The biggest worry was the shed but its safe and still standing.

The vegetable garden looks ok both beds were covered with cardboard so not sure what to expect when i lift that. As as things start drying up we have plans to rebuild one of the 2 beds so there’ll be a few ton of soil to move. Once the soil is moved and the new bed built i intend to empty my compost bin into the new bed then cover back up with soil.

I have noticed that 2 fence panels joining our garden to next door have fallen into or garden … so i suppose that should take priority over any other jobs. Ideally I’d like to re.fence all of the bottom half of the garden.

Moving to the front garden which seems to collect all of the streets rubbish behind the rubbish are my 2 Belfast sinks ….. looking closely it won’t be too long before we get some colour.

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New year new growing season ..

Yesterday the sun shone brightly which gave me itchy green fingers …. luckily i resisted the temptation as later that evening there was a light frost.
First frost

Today i got out my books and read up on what we should be doing and the answer i found was not a lot :-), so instead i got all my seeds out and sorted through what we have and what we need to get, also grouped them into months in which they should be sown (to be used as a guideline )

seed packets

Next task will be to draw out a plan of what we’re going to grow where 🙂 …. time to get paper and pens out.