October 1st …… i’m doing it !!! STOPTOBER

Ok so I don’t smoke so can’t join that challenge but I am going to challenge myself.

For the month of October I am going sober and cleaning up.

Stop….. drinking alcohol

I don’t drink a huge amount but yes I drink most evenings and can quite easily empty a bottle of wine on my own in an evening. Looking at my social calendar there is very little booked but the 2 events that are already scheduled I will part take in just a glass or 2 on one of them and the other I will volunteer as the named driver 🙂

Stop ….binge eating

Food is another downfall I have …. if I fancy it I’ll eat it even if I don’t really need it. My eating habits run closely alongside my emotional state so if my mood is good then my food is normally a healthy choice…. but if I’m down or have emotional issues then my biggest comfort will be food. Just like many others I’m sure. For the following month I plan to tidy up what I eat … not starting any diet but stopping and thinking about what I’m eating.

Looking back at my blogs I’ve done this before and found blogging as I went a useful tool in which blogging helped me stay focused so I may pop in more often this month.

So as I empty the last drop of prosecco from the bottle I’m off to bed feeling positive for the coming month and months to follow …

BRB xx

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