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Vegetable garden is full and over flowing ……

Apart from the sweetcorn everything i have planted has come up really well,  radish seems to have gone crazy, courgettes are looking fuller every day.

048 (3)   011 (9) Sunflowers appear to grow a foot a day and are now peeping over the adjoining fence.   We emptied one of the potato sack to a very poor crop but the sack was very dry :-/ hoping by watering more often we get better results from the other 3 sacks.

We’ve a mass of peas which i though were mange tout and have started pulling the bigger looking carrots, first batch was enough to feed 4 adults so very pleased with that.

I still have my mini green house up as its home to a few tomatoes and some chilli plants which i’m very excited with as i have a total of 3 little chillies growing.  The first few flowers on the chilli plant just withered and fell off so after a bit of research it was suggested they need to be pollinated, so the next few i brushed with a very small paint brush and they then went on to produce chillies 🙂


But this week has been taken over by the gorgeous scent of my sweet peas

001 002 004


They were very slow to start but now looking absolutely gorgeous.  Later this evening i will be cutting a lot of the flowers to bring in doors which should encourage more flowers.


Even as early as this in the growing season i think i’ve done what i set out to do and that was produce more vegetables to a better quality than previous years.  The tomatoes are a mass of flowers, we actually been able to have a bowl of strawberries and cream.  My little gem lettuce have filled out and will be eated very soon along with spring onions and radish 🙂

Thanks for popping by 🙂


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