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Yayyyy i got it …

After nearly 15yrs of being a ‘at home mum’ it looks like i’m going back to work full-time.  It all seems to be fate, the job is just perfect for me to go back to after so long.  I’m going to be a care assistant in a brand new built care home run by a none profit-making charity called ‘the order of st john’, elderly care has come on leaps and bounds since i did my 3 month stint during my training.

I hope in time i can also re.instate my Registered General Nurse qualification too.

Its funny i’m very excited but quite nervous at the same time 🙂

Obviously its going to mean big changes in our family dynamic’s, i will expect my 2 sons to step up and help a little more around the house, seeing as they are nearly grown adults now i don’t think it will hurt them.

I will miss my hubbs terribly, i’m  so used to being with him all the time and then of course theres my 3  ‘girls’  (cavalier king charles spaniels) they will miss me loads, but i promise to make it up to them all  on my days off.

soaking up some sun
soaking up some sun



Another bonus i’m hoping going out to work will help lift my depression 🙂 keeping busy and seeing the outside world.





One thought on “Yayyyy i got it …

  1. Oh I’m so happy for you! I wish you the best. After only two years of being the “stay at home” person it was hard to adjust for me. It’s the little things that will surprise you. Like it too me ages to stop looking at my feet while at work. When I’m home I always look at my feet to make sure I don’t step on Bianca who is always running around my feet! Lol.

    But, i find having that productive time away makes me happier. I am so thankful and thrilled to come home to my fiancee and my doggie. I’m sure you’ll adjust in no time!

    Best of luck on the new job!


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