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Sitting and waiting …….

As i sit here surfing the net, checking out gardening and vegetable growing blogs, i’m in fact waiting for a very important phone call.  The result from the call will change our family life in a big way and i hope it will be a positive way.

I haven’t worked for nearly 15yrs due to bringing up 2 sons and helping care for 2 step children.  At the beginning of my ‘at home mum’ time my confidence was pretty much at rock bottom due to a past relationship, with the support of my soul mate my confidence has grown.

With the governments new benefits reform our benefits have changed from being just about manageable to very worrying low.  So i have decided to make a very big step and try and get back into the wide world of work.  At first i was going to look for anything but then after thinking and looking i realised the only way i’ll be happy in my new career is by doing something i know best …. nursing.  Sadly due to unforseen circumstances in the past i was unable to keep up my Registered General Nurse qualification.  At some point i’ll make some enquiries to see if its possible to get that back and up and running.

As fate would have it whilst chatting to my sister about our situation, she told me about a job she’d applied for and how they were opening a care home just 5mins from me.  So without thinking i checked out the website for the selection of vacancies they were advertising and there it was …. night-time care assistant full-time.

The interview went well, there were 2 very nice ladies on the panel.  One had commented on how we had the same GP and that he was very happy to write me a reference, which surprised me how they were chasing them up already…. sounded promising  🙂 At the end of the interview i was told due to the good friday and bank holiday monday admin won’t be in until Tuesday and that i should get a call soon after.

So here i sit waiting to see what my future will bring……..

snow still sits on top of the hills
snow still sits on top of the hills



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