Furbabie Friday

”Just paint a white cross on my door” :-( furbabie update

I can’t believe it since christmas i’ve been visiting the vet with one or 2 of the girls every other week 😦 and i don’t think we’ve managed more than a handful of walks.

Titch came in season during the christmas holidays so no walks for 3wks, this was then followed by a little gland trouble which was quickly seen too.  Then she developed a skin irritation on her back the vet gave her a steroid injection and some anti biotic’s, this settled and she then developed an ear infection which was treated by more steroids and anti biotic’s.

Just as this is settling it seems that all 3 girls are now suffering with kennel cough which has effected poor Titch the worse, then i discovered whilst giving her a relaxing tummy rug that she has milk …. she’s also suffering a phantom pregnancy, i don’t think the vet will believe whats going on with her on our check up this monday 😦

Poorly Titch still looks gorgeous
Poorly Titch still looks gorgeous

Misha and Tinker bell just seem to have a mild case of kennel cough and got over it very quickly.

I need some nice weather so roll on the summer so i can get my girls well and fit again.

I feel that  Titch might need several trips to the vets to find out why she’s been so poorly, i suspect she has some sort of low immune system problem so researching how i can help that.

My 3 gorgeous 'girls'
My 3 gorgeous ‘girls’

Roll on the summer for some good fun times 🙂

One thought on “”Just paint a white cross on my door” :-( furbabie update

  1. I hope Titch feels better. Doggies are so adorable. I am so glad I’m biking across America with mine. She’ll make great company. There’s no companion like a dog. Be sure to check out our journey!


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