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Getting ready for the new 2013 growing season …..

After last seasons attempt at growing veggies i am 100% determined to get better results this year.  There were a number of things that hindered me last year … a litter of puppies… late start due to being distracted by puppies… weather.. and of course the bug and slug infestation 😦

This year i’ll be ready and raring to go with the help of my lovely and very patient hubbs.

So back at the end of january i did calm my itching to get started by sowing just a few seeds … leeks, tomatoes, chillies and marigolds they are doing really well sat on my kitchen window sill.











This past weekend blessed us with some gorgeous warm and dry weather which meant we were able to get out into the garden and do some much needed work on the veggie plot.




With a bit of hard work and shoveling we juggled about a bit and now have 3 veggie beds.  The 1st is covered with cloches and warming,  the 3rd just needs some sort of edging and then we can work on the paths 🙂




Also managed to tidy paved area of the garden and set my mini green house up which is now home to a few bits.

mini green house
mini green house


I’ve sown some peas, sweet corn, a few sun flowers and some lettuce.  Then low and  behold we are forecast a week of cold freezing and even some snowy conditions 😦






3 thoughts on “Getting ready for the new 2013 growing season …..

  1. Hiya Kim! Sounds like you’ve been having fun in your garden getting everything ready. I love your raised beds and mini greenhouse, that will come in really useful for you I reckon. This weather is soooo annoying isn’t it! It’s snowing here again today after a nice mild weekend?! I can’t cope with it!!!! 🙂

  2. Loved your blog and pictures.I am finding this weather very frustrating and just wish I could get more than just potatoes in the ground. I have many seedlings in the kitchen but daren’t put them in the greenhouse for fear of losing them. Look forward to seeing more of your pictures as the year progresses. carolesallotment.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Just spent 2 days in the garden, hoping the weather forecast comes true so we’ll get more time out there then i’ll have enough stuff for another blog 🙂

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