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Its been 2 days now…..

I seem to be on a depressive high …. i’m feeling extremely happy which is really scary because i’m scared of the crash i’ll have on the come down.  I shouldn’t be complaining about being so happy i suppose and should really be enjoying the feeling.

Life at the moment is really good.

We’re just waiting for a break in this very cold spell so we can get out into the garden.  Hubbs and i plan to move the raised beds around that will eventually give us more planting space.  I’ve made a start on a few seedlings, the leeks are doing brilliantly and after some research (via twitter friends) i know what to do next with them.

4wk old leek seedlings
4wk old leek seedlings

I’m keeping my fingers crossed but the forecast for the weekend is good and i’m hoping we’ll be able to spend sometime on the veggie plot 🙂  My sister and her family are coming to spend some time planting some seeds for their newly acquired allotment.  (just so jealous 🙂  )


To try and heed off the mega mood crash i plan to keep busy…. gardening… sowing more seeds … dog walking ( Tinks been in season so we’ve been housebound but that’s over by the  weekend) …. take some photos of everything we do in the garden and catch up on my group prompts…. lol might even fit in some house work 🙂




3 thoughts on “Its been 2 days now…..

  1. Hi,
    I love to garden but we just had a big snow storm in Colorado so I guess my raised beds will just have to wait. I find going out in the garden very relaxing. Do you ever look through garden magazines to get ideas and inspiration? I suffered from clinical depression for many years so I know that anguish. I pray that grace fills you today and helps your get through your feelings of depression.


    1. We’ve spent 3 hard days working on our veggie (blog to follow soon) now ready to get going 🙂 have sown a few bits but it all sits on the kitchen window sill
      yes we need a good spring and an even better summer


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