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A big weekend has passed …

It all started on friday when i turned the very young age of 47, an age when i think i need to start living and ”just do it”.  I’m never normally bothered by another birthday but this one has got to me a bit.

The actual day was brilliant i was totally spoilt by my hubbs who just kept making me smile all day.

my cards
my cards   


my celebrations
my celebrations








Then on saturday my eldest got to meet his 2 half sisters and their children after weeks of reconnecting with his dad.  My youngest was a little more nervous after not spending any time with his dad for nearly 5yrs eventually plucked up the courage to spend the last hour of their visit with them and i’ve heard he smiled  🙂

I’ve spent quite a few hours sat on my own, the ‘girls’  (my dogs)  have been waking early for a visit to the garden, so whilst sat in the quiet i’ve had time to think …. very dangerous on occasions 🙂

Its time i sorted me and mine out we’ve plodded along for so long and its time to get out of the rut and start living.  Theres so much i want to do that i’d like to achieve but i’d also like to encourage each member of my little family to start achieving too.

my tomatoe seedlings
my tomatoe seedlings  

So with the new growing season about to start i think its time we all grew and started living 🙂




10 thoughts on “A big weekend has passed …

  1. Sounds like a plan! Love your blog Hun.
    Your kids seeing their dad again made me all emotional! I haven’t seen mine for 10years this year and its something I’ve been thinking about recently. Hope it all went well for them.
    Glad you ha a wonderful birthday xx


    1. life is too short
      it was the boys dads choice to stop contact 5yrs ago but then my eldest found his 2 half sisters who wanted contact with their dad so it all came together, they had a brilliant weekend
      thank you for reading xx


  2. Hi Kim, long time no see. I’ve been “away” (from WP) for a while. I hope that you are well and I’m glad that you had a nice birthday. 🙂 Your birthday is one week after mine. Happy Belated Birthday! Some birthdays are like that, where you actually do feel different. And it’s often not the ones people would expect! Like 18 or 21 or 30. It’s nice that you feel like doing something different and “start living”! A person who loves dogs and growing veggies will surely find something lovely to add to that if you want to. I have recently had the urge to start scrapbooking, which is something I have never done in my life! I’m a bit nervous about it actually, but I think I will give it a shot. I look forward to reading more about your family, furbabies (part of the family), and gardening! 🙂


    1. welcome back xx love the idea of scrapbooking but i’m not very creative like that, would love to see how you get on 🙂
      happy birthday to you hun xx hope yours was as good as mine xx


    1. Thank you 🙂 we’ve just done 3 hard days in the garden and i’ve sown a few more bits … planning a blog update in next day or so 🙂


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