Well i’ve done it … i’ve sowed some seeds ….

I know ….. it’s probably much too early but i really want to get ahead this year with my garden as last year was such a flop.

So 8 days ago i took a chance and sowed just a handful of each,  leeks, tomatoes, chillies, peppers and marigolds, using propagators that i sat on my kitchen window sill (which is south-facing) and look …

marigolds & leeks
marigolds & leeks
chillis/peppers  & tomatoes
chillis/peppers & tomatoes








As yet nothing appearing of the chillies or peppers but not giving up on them just yet, the others are doing ok 🙂  so that’s it i’ve made a start 🙂

As for the garden we (hubbs and me) have great plans for a total revamp that will give me two more vegetable beds so i can either grow more of what we like or try something  new.

Although this year i’ve already started something new in that i planted garlic in a huge tub last october and leeks are a first too.











4 thoughts on “Well i’ve done it … i’ve sowed some seeds ….

  1. It’s great to get started with a new gardening year, isn’t it? I’ve just sown some onions and peppers but no sign of either yet. Just caught a glimpse of your three doggies, such cuties. I’ve got a Cavalier, Archie.


    1. My ‘girls’ are called Misha (mum) and her 2 daughters tinker bell and titch, love them all to bits.

      Oh i love my garden too and can’t wait to get stuck this new season 🙂 fingers crossed its a good one 🙂


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