Sorry for the slight delay … starting the new year

Published January 11, 2013 by Kim

Well its now the 11th January and as yet i’ve not really blogged, dieted, exercise or started any of the challenges or goals i want to get done, all due to a trapped nerve in my neck.

Its been nearly 5 weeks of general discomfort during the day which increases by evening into pain that just sends me too bed.  Now after regular  pain relieve and  physiotherapy things seem to be getting slightly better.

I still have lots planned and hope to make a start very soon.

Hope everyone’s new year is going well.


3 comments on “Sorry for the slight delay … starting the new year

  • Nerve pain is the WORST. I had a problem like that with my lower back on and off for years. It’s pretty much gone now but not until I’d had three adjustments by a chiroprctor, bought a tempur mattress and took up yoga.

    Take your time; it’s not really possible to focus on anything else until your health is sorted. And I’m not really sure that the rest of the blogosphere is charging ahead with all of their NY resolutions, LOL. It would be a first I think! 🙂

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