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My garden and veg plot

Today the sun was out for a few hours so i took advantage and went out with my camera.

For nearly 4yrs now we’ve converted the top 2 3rds of our garden into a veg plot and still class myself as a novice but we’ve had a go at growing our own veg.  This new growing season i’d like to document the new growth and changes through the seasons of our little plot.

027      028At the front of the house i have 2 old Belfast sinks which make great planters.  Looks like it won’t be long and i’ll have a nice show of daffodils.

In the veggie plot there is also small signs of the new season being not far away.


Garlic i planted back in October (taking Monty Don’s advice )  Never grown it before so will be interesting to see what happens there.

I’ve bought a few packets of seeds to start some seeds early.  Leeks will be another vegetable i’ve never grown before and over the next week or so i’ll get some potting compost in from the garden to warm up and then sow just a few seeds and then when they germinated i’ll sow some more, also plan to do that with some chilli and pepper seeds too.

Thats probably all the vegetables i’ll so in January but any spare dry time i get i’ll work on clearing and tidying the garden, its surprising how much algae has appeared on the paths ( a job for the jet wash).

Also need to rearrange the seats and tables so i can set up my small green house in the sunniest and most sheltered part of the garden, so its ready to home the over flow from the kitchen window sill 🙂

I do have a few shrubs but i think because i need the space i’m going to have to re.home my 2 Azalea’s and my biggest Hydrangea. (think mum my take them for me)

1st rhubarb leaf
1st rhubarb leaf
Hydrangea bud
Hydrangea bud
wet and miserable
wet and miserable

Everything is still very wet and miserable, even slimy in places but there are a few tiny signs of spring which is so exciting.


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