Happy New Year

Well here we go a new fresh year 🙂

Hope everybody had a good holiday.  I was absolutely bought to tears when i opened a box of chocolates only to find a kindle fire (was looking for a hazelnut whirl 😉  ) hubbs had really surprised me on that one, so i felt totally spoilt.

The holiday break was very quiet… in fact too quiet 😦 i had plans to get out the wii and get some family games going but some how a few weeks ago i’ve manage to trap a nerve in my neck and for most of the time i’ve been in too much pain to do anything and sorry hubbs but yes i’ve been pretty miserable.

Oh well the kids have just done what they wanted eat, sleep and play on one cyber toy or another.

''a toast to 2013 ''
”a toast to 2013 ”

So now all the celebrations are out of the way time to start planning …

New blogs… Meal planning… Set shopping lists… excercise and fitness plans the list is endless 🙂

To your good health and happiness x here’s to a healthy and happy 2013



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