Furbabie update…

We managed to get out for 2 walks last week, the ground was hard with the frost which meant there was no mud 🙂

BUT on both walks we encountered a problem with unwanted attention from male dogs towards poor Titch.  The 1st dog was a 2yr old golden retriever who after several times of being dragged in the opposite direction eventually slipped his collar and made a break back to us, his poor lady owner was so upset as he had got quiet angry with her and it didn’t help she’d lost his lead during the walk.  We managed to get his collar back on and i gave her one of my leads, we were then able to part company 🙂

The following day we had attention from a lovely black springer spaniel who was just 18mths old, he wasn’t 100% sure which of the ‘girls’ he liked the most and with Misha pushing herself between him and Titch he got a little confused.  Once he’s tried humping Titch all leads were put on the dogs and we kindly said ‘good morning’ and got on with our walks.

After checking Titch’s dates it turns out her season is due on the 20th of December but it look like it might be about to start early :-/

If it’s that then it means we’re all housebound for 3wks 😦

love a cuddle
love a cuddle

One thought on “Furbabie update…

  1. My dog is in heat too. Lucky for me almost all the dogs in the neighborhood are fixed and she seems to cope well during her time. She doesn’t try to pursue other dogs and she runs away and when we encounter another dog, Even when she isn’t in heat, she runs away.( I tried to socialize her but she just is too jealous, the vet said its cause of her separation anxiety and abandonment issues. I spoke to my neighbor that rescued her and he told her he just found out from his friend that fostered her for a week when she was abandoned. We found out my doggie had a boyfriend 😦 A male version of herself. They were separated when she was abandoned. I looked at my Bianca and asked her ‘you miss your boyfriend’ and she looked at me and whined really loud. It broke my heart!


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