Fog seems to be just about clearing now……

Well I’ve now been on new med’s for just over a week and i can say i’m only just beginning to feel myself again, the sickness is subsiding and my head is clearing although still feel very tired.

Normally i love mondays and always start the week full of motivation and good feelings.  Last week wasn’t too bad, it actually helped with the weather being very cold and frosty, this meant the mud was solid when walking the ‘girls’ and that then meant i didn’t need to bathe them all.  But as the week went on the weather turn warmer and wet and my mood turned muddy too….  i felt a lot of   ”can’t be bothered”  and   ”why should i”  followed by a little  of   ”i’ll do it tomorrow”.   That silly thing called ‘christmas’ isn’t helping much either!!

Thankfully after an afternoon sat chatting over everything with hubbs my mood lifted again and now i’m beginning to feel a little more on track, with just the hurdle of christmas in the way.

Don’t get me wrong i love christmas but our 4 teens just grab what they can and go off and do their own thing these days.  This year hubbs 2 teens aren’t here for christmas day but we’ll see them sometime boxing day, my eldest is off out on boxing day to spend the day with his girl friend and her family.  So my plans are to relax enjoy some good food and drink and make plans for the new year.

Sadly i’ve had camera issues this week so had nothing for wordless wednesday but thats now sorted so hope to get back to that next week.

Here’s hoping all is well with everyone out there in blogging world xx



2 thoughts on “Fog seems to be just about clearing now……

  1. All is well, at this end anyway! I had a mini-meltdown this last week, went a bit berserk on my blog, had a bit of a rant, and now I’m back to normal (well as close to normal as I ever get! LOL) But I think everyone secretly feels like that – not quite “normal”. What is that anyway? We’re all different so how can anyone be normal?

    I’m reading a LOT on people’s blogs about how Christmas isn’t quite the joyous and magical occasion that we are “told” it is supposed to be (by the TV, of course, the source of all truth and wisdom … LOL) So you’re not alone in your Christmas blues.

    Glad you got your camera sorted! I love your pictures! 🙂


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