Furbabie friday …(delayed due to internet issues)

Published December 8, 2012 by Kim

This week i’d like to introduce the last of my furbabies.. Tinker bell.

Just like Titch, Tinker bell is Misha’s daughter from her 2nd litter.  When Misha was 5weeks pregnant we got the vet to do a scan to confirm pregnancy and give us an idea how many she’s expecting, the vet estimated 4-5 pups.  So after the fifth pup was born we started to clear up and the suddenly Misha started pushing again and out popped Tinker bell  🙂

Tinker bell was the only blenheim  colour the others were all tri colours.  As she grew her little personality grew too she was quite a fighter and always slept on top of the other pups.

Tink on top

Tink on top 

Like the other pups she grew well up until she was about 3wks old, hubbs was doing the night-time watch and noticed Tinker bell was not feeding, she’d fight to get a nipple but not actually latch on and feed.

This meant a quick visit to the vets who could not find a cause and suggested we hand fed her but kept her in with Misha and other pups between feeds.  So for 5days every 2hrs we hand fed her with a little syringe and then as weirdly as she stopped she started feeding again.  I monitored her weight gain closely and gave the odd top up feed until the pups were weaned onto solids, of which Tinker bell had no problems with at all.




'' I'm comfy here thanks ..''

” I’m comfy here thanks ..”

As she grew she just got a tighter hold of my heart each day and when the day came and i had to start advertising for new forever families for the pups i just couldn’t include Tinker bell but we had already decided we were going to keep Titch.  :-/

Then on a drunken evening hubbs suggested we kept Tinker bell and then it became written in stone we were keeping 2 pups.  🙂

Having 2 pups from the same litters has been hard work but also made things easier and more fun.  They are great company for Misha and when she doesn’t want to play they have each other.

Every night they curl up together downstairs in their bed and they love each other to bits.


snuggling together after a good play

snuggling together after a good play                    

sweetness all over









So thats all 3 of my ‘girls’, they are hard work but give me so much pleasure it is so worth it.

they keep me sane

they keep me sane




3 comments on “Furbabie friday …(delayed due to internet issues)

  • Absolutely gorgeous!! Oh my goodness, you take such cute photos of them! I’m so glad that you were able to keep the two puppies; it does make a difference to them because they can play with each other as you say, which is closer to the natural “pack” experience for canines. So lovely to see them sleeping side by side. Isn’t it funny the way dogs take naps at the same time?

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