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Furbabie Friday … Titch

This week i’d like to introduce Titch 🙂  she is Misha’s daughter from the 2nd litter of pups.

Titch is called a Tri colour because she has three colours (white, black and tan).

nearly all white pup is Titch
nearly all white pup is Titch

Titch got her name by accident and it stuck, she was one of the smallest in the litter and stood out as she was really active within just a few hours of being born and nearly climbed out of the box a few times whilst her other brothers and sisters were being born.

She’s grown into such a loving girl, she not only loves us but she also loves her mum and sister loads and likes nothing more than to cuddle up with them.




at just a few weeks old was getting into trouble
at just a few weeks old was getting into trouble

Titch grew into a really good-looking and very healthy girl until feb ’12 😦  we were about to take both Titch and her sister to have their booster jabs but when the vet examined her they found she had a temperature (Titch had been a little quiet for last day or two)  anyway she was given some anti biotic and we delayed giving her the booster.

We took her home and were told to watch her, she appeared to pick up but then without any warning became really ill with Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis she was so ill she was admitted to hospital and spent in total 3wks, 10days of the was in a specialist hospital.  She had all the tests you could imagine… blood and plasma transfusions, scans, xrays the lot.

It was the scariest 3wks i think i’ve ever had with my pets after 3wks the vet was going to try just one more thing ( a gastric tube direct into tummy), they had managed to stop the bleeding but she’d lost so much weight and was refusing to eat, if this feeding tube didn’t help then we would have to let her go.

Sadly at the same time we’d run out of finances, the insurance covered £6,000 and we’d already spent nearly £1,000, the vet suggested we took Titch home and if we were able to, to continue her care with the support of our local vet.  This meant feeding her up again orally and then topping her up with tummy feeds.


1st day home
1st day home

Poor Titch had lost so much weight but she was so glad to be home and within minutes of being home she’d eaten more than she had in the last 3wks, this was a good decision we’d made she’d been too home sick to eat whilst in hospital.

A further 2wks of increasing oral feeds and topping up with tube feeds and she was back at a good weight.





so glad to be home and enjoying cuddles with her sister
so glad to be home and enjoying cuddles with her sister


Slowly her strength has built as she gained weight and now she’s back to full health.  Titch is so very special to us and we came so close to loosing her, couldn’t imagine life without her.

Sometimes she’s quite grumpy and can be very vocal but we wouldn’t have her any other way.

Eventually we intend to spay Titch and not let her have any pups due to not knowing what her little body had gone through.  Although i know she would make a great mum as she so enjoyed playing and helping care for Misha’s 3rd litter.

Titch with Tink & pup from litter 3
Titch with Tink & pup from litter 3 

5 thoughts on “Furbabie Friday … Titch

  1. Oh my goodness that photo of her on her 1st day home – so sad. It’s so heartbreaking when our doggies get sick. You obviously did a brilliant job in taking care of her and helping her to make a full recovery. 🙂 I just love all your doggy photos; they’re adorable.


      1. Oh wow, you must have been a busy mummy! I’ve had my furbabies in hospital (vet) or sick sometimes over the years (never been a year without at least one dog since I was around 8 or 9), but I’ve never had to take care of puppies at the same time! I’m glad everything worked out for you and your lovely babies. They are really lucky to have a mummy who clearly cares for them as members of the family. I’m the same. My doggie is my baby boy. 🙂


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