Vegetable plot · wordless wednesday

Wordless wednesday …. a look a days gone past

My lovely garden last season …

all cleared ready to go










With a bit of work and lots of attention, we produced a bit…


beans & peas Ā  Ā Ā 


mmmmm enough to go with ice cream










always room for sweet peas











After a very wet summer and lots of bugs and slugs, our poorest year for produce…

We packed away and now planning for a bigger and better result next year.

we did get some to eat šŸ™‚



nearly cleared







A few photos that should tel you just a little bit more about me šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Wordless wednesday …. a look a days gone past

  1. Oh you posted a picture of this garden before. I love your little garden/produce section. I always wanted to try my hand in gardening and having a veggie plot but i don’t know a thing about plants, the seasons in when to start priming the dirt, and planting the seeds. How to tend to them. etc etc. Maybe I’ll pick up a book… “Gardening for Dummies” …lol.


  2. Oh you have a lovely garden indeed with marvellous raised beds and everything. And all so nice and organised. My old veggie garden that I used to have wasn’t nearly so pretty! Where do you get the soil for the raised beds? Do you do your own composting?


    1. Sadly we’ve had to build raised beds because the soil is so bad and most we’ve bought in… just started filling a compost bin this year will leave that cooking awhile šŸ™‚ Love gardening but pictures hide all the rubbish šŸ™‚


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