Furbabie Friday

Furbabie Friday …. Misha

Today i’d like to introduce my 1st dog, the eldest of my 3 cavvies.    Misha Madonna

In 2007 hubbs and i decided we’d like a dog to complete and enhance our little family, after trawling the internet we set of the breed, Cavalier king charles spaniel.  Once the decision had been made and the money raised i wanted the pup there and then, but after call after call i’d always just missed out.

Then one day a saw an advert in a newspaper advertising some female cavvies within our price range.  I contacted the breeder to check that she still had pups available and yayyyyy she did, she then e.mailed me about 4 photos of the most gorgeous little puppies.  Hubbs and i studied them and we had decided we’d like to home the pup in the last photo.

Well to cut a long story short, we broke all the rules (we later learnt)  we arranged to meet the breeder at a motorway services, as soon as we both saw the pup we fell in love.  (once home we studied the photos sent earlier and realized this pup wasn’t the one we chosen)

Within just a few days this little pup had taken hold of  the hearts of every member of the family, she’d worked her magic and got to sleep in our bed at night,  she had a mountain of blankets and toys and wants for nothing.

Overtime Misha grew into such a pleasure and great company.  We attended training classes which showed she was a quick learner and could be well-behaved, on walks she just wanted to play with every dog we met and greeted every human with a wag of her tail.

Misha was getting older and hubbs and i really felt she would love some cavvie company, so we decided to mate her.  Her 1st litter she had a singleton  pup which was just magical but disappointing as the pup was a little boy, which would make things complicated if he stayed with us.  He went to a lovely family just a few doors away.

A year later we tried again and Misha gave birth to 6 pups ( 4 girls & 2 boys)

such a good mum


Misha seemed to take to being a mum so naturally and enjoyed every moment.  ( 2 of these pups we kept, you’ll meet them in the following weeks)




Misha just loves having the 2 pups around for company and can’t wait to see them each morning (yes Misha still sleeps on our bed)

At the age of  3 1/2yrs we decided to let her have 1 more litter and we cross-breed her with Shih tzu and she produced a gorgeous litter of 4 Cava tzu’s ( 3 boys & 1 girl)  Again Misha was just the perfect mum, all 4 pups went on to new loving homes.  Once Misha had recovered from this litter (about 3mths later) we got her spayed so no more pups or seasons for our Misha, can just enjoy life now.

she climbs


    she sleeps


and she sleeps a bit more










she runs a bit too                                     









Now 5yrs old she’s such great fun, she knows how to get what she wants, (normally from hubbs)  she loves snuggling up with the pups but also enjoys her time away from them up in bed with us.  Her health is good apart from a little weight gain since her op but we’re working on that.

Well thats Misha, watch out next week for Titch (her daughter from litter 2)


8 thoughts on “Furbabie Friday …. Misha

  1. I knew I wasn’t the only person to cover their dog with a blanket!! People have laughed at me for doing that, and now I see that you do it as well. 🙂 Your baby girl is absolutely beautiful. I love her pink harness and bone-shaped name tag. Clearly she’s a pampered little lady! 🙂 And, oh soooo cute with the puppies!!! Seeing puppies and cute little dogs just brings out the little girl inside of me …


  2. Oh my goodness. I”m so torn. I just quickly browsed through my reader and saw your entry so clicked on it and skimmed your post here to get and idea of what it was about and saw the ADORABLE pictures. I have to leave for work like five minutes ago though.LOL. I will be back later to properly read and comment. So, just know I’ll be thinking about your blog ALL day while at work 🙂


  3. I’m back for a proper comment! 🙂

    Oh my goodness. The pups are SO cute. Misha sounds like a great dog! She is a beauty. She sounds like she compliments your little family wonderfully.

    My Bianca is like that too! She sleeps in my bed. I’ll put her in her dog bed right next to the bed at night when Im ready to sleep but i always wake up to her on my pillow. And if she isnt there i freak out lol. Since I started working she has been super upset and wont sleep in her dog bed at all. She curls up by me and wont leave.

    Doggies are just so rewarding and such a joy.


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