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Monday Morning Menu ..

It’s now been  2 1/2wks  since i completed my 31 day challenge during October, where i refrained from one of my vice’s the dreaded ‘booze’.  Since then i’ve over indulged in both drink and unhealthy eating 🙂

As i found that  blogging about  my challenge helped keep me motivated i thought i’d blog more often.

Mondays i hope to layout my plans for the week, my menu (as i continue my fight with loosing weight)  my plans to exercise ( to help improve my fitness) and anything else that i might have going on.

Tuna Pasta

Wednesdays i’ll do a wordless blog show casing my love for taking photos, they’ll include photos of all sorts as i’m in a group that gives us daily prompts over the month and anything else i might think of.

sun setting on our walk

Fridays blog i’d like to devote to my ‘girls’, my 3 cavalier king charles  spaniels and what adventures we get up to.

My ‘girls’ never far from my side

And so it begins …….

During October my blogs included all 3 meals i planned to have each day but because i tend to stick to very similar foods for breakfast and lunch i’ll only actually mention my main meals.



Monday :  Gammon, potatoes and mushy peas

Tuesday:  Chilli con carne + rice  (using slimming worlds recipe)

Wednesday :  Tuna Pasta with salad

Thursday :  Quiche, savoury rice and salad

Friday :  Sausage, egg and chips

Saturday :  Chilli con carne and baked potato

Sunday  :  Roast chicken dinner


Exercise Plan

( This has to be cheap and cheerful)

Monday :  Walk the dogs  ( our walk normally takes us 45 – 50mins, i intend to increase the speed i walk and the distance we cover over time)

Tuesday :   Super Clean  (house work i hate it so i intend to charge up my iPod and clean from top to bottom at high-speed, vacuuming, dusting, changing beds and anything else that needs doing)

Wednesday :  Walk the dogs

Thursday :  Walk the dogs

Friday :  Walk into town  (30mins there and back)  also as today is my weigh in day i’ll do half an hour on my wii fit

Saturday :  Walk the dogs

Sunday :  Day off  🙂


Hope you’ll stick with me and hope my blogging improves once i get stuck into it.







5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Menu ..

  1. Yay your back! Sounds like a plan! Looking forward to everything.. the wordless Wednesdays and friday pictures of the girls! They are super cute! I just completed my first work week and I’m trying to plot out a plan to get back on my health thing. Working retail my schedule changes every week and it’s not consistent hours everyday I’m trying to figure out how to turn it healthy. This week I kind of slipped into that habit of not eating. I would have maybe coffee and a light breakfast and set off to work but I wouldnt even eat on my lunch break. By time you clock out and exit the store its already 20 mins or so into your lunch hour and by time you get to the food court and wait online to order food your probably let with 20 mins or so( to eat and return to clock in). I eat so slow, and I dont like to be rushed …doing that always upsets my stomach. And i dont have that hungry feeling anymore. Even when i get home from work, i dont really feel hungry i just eat cause I know i havent really ate for the day. I don’t like it… it’s not healthy. Maybe next week when I actually get a little locker I will try packing lunch and such? Its so easy to just fall into unhealthy habits. I think blogging really helps , it forces us to be accountable. Which is something I also been putting off… blogging. Lol. I got my work cut out for me!


  2. Sounds like a great plan! I love that you’re going to have a blogging day for your doggies! How adorable. Beautiful photo of them, btw.

    I will definitely be following, as I’m sure many others will too. But you know, don’t get stressed if things don’t always go according to schedule. Life happens. We’ll still be here even if you skip a day or need to tweak your plan here and there. 🙂

    One of my favourite bloggers has disappeared. I sent her a message to ask if she’s ok, and she is, but she has something going on in her life right now. That’s ok. Whenever she comes back, we’ll just pick up where she left off.

    And your blogging is good; I don’t see what needs improving … 🙂


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