31 day challenge … day 31 :-)

I made it ….

I did it …

31 days of  No alcohol

I’ve actual managed better than i had thought i would 🙂  changing my usual evening habits has helped loads.  So instead of sitting watching tv with a glass of wine, i’ve plugged myself into the laptop (sometimes with music) read blogs and blogged myself, before i know it the evenings gone and its time for bed.

Getting up in the morning with a nice clear head has been a very pleasant side effect of not drinking, although i didn’t really suffer too much with hangovers.

So whats next ??

I’ve missed the relaxing sociable  side of drinking and joining my hubbs in a glass or 2 of wine, so i think i’ll try to set up a regular date night where we cook something nice, turn off the tv and enjoy some quality time together ( which is rare these days), might make this once every two weeks i think.

As for blogging i’ve really enjoyed writing (not sure its very good) but would like to continue to blog on a regular basis about different things, think i’ll set some sort of rota out.

So thank you so much to every one of my readers for the like’s, comments and encouragement, i hope you’ll stay around and see what happens.

showing signs of autumn

Watch out for more photos, more blogs about my ‘girls’ (the dogs) , dieting progress and date night menu’s…..

watch this blog

🙂  xx




3 thoughts on “31 day challenge … day 31 :-)

  1. Congratulations! I have a smile on my face for your. Great thing you have accomplished here. Not only have you done a healthy 31 days challenge but it sounds like you are improving the time and routine you are having each day. I hope you get to set up a regular date night with the hubby… it’s easy to forget to spend quality time with your partner I’m learning but the benefit of investing in that time is so worth it and improves the quality of relationship you have.

    I’m sticking around! So need to worry. I look forward to reading your blog even if it just to awe at the adorable doggies.

    Hope you celebrate this achievement and have a fantastic time!


  2. Congratulations, (belatedly)! I haven’t been blogging lately, but I’m back now, and well done for sticking with it! 🙂 I look forward to hearing about what happens now with date nights, dieting, and – of course – your doggies!! 🙂

    You’re writing is very good! Some people struggle to squeeze out one sentence – seriously. A lot of people seem to freeze up when it comes to expressing their thoughts and feelings in writing. The fact that you can do it is a talent and a gift. 🙂

    Again, well done. Really, that’s a big achievement.


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