No booze challenge

31 day challenge …day 29

29 days without an alcoholic drink …. wow  i really didn’t think i could do it,  although came close once or twice   😦 to cracking the top off a bottle of cider that has sat on the kitchen side since before i started the challenge.

Stressed by the kids…

Premenstrual stresses…

Friday & Saturday night habits…

Just at the end of a good day…

all reasons why i would have a drink, started with just a glass… the glass grew… then, well once a bottle is opened you might as well finish it.

At the beginning of October the government started advertising a stop smoking campaign called Stoptober and as i don’t smoke i thought i have a go at stopping something that i really enjoyed..  and i’ve nearly done it   🙂

To run alongside the No drinking, i thought i’d add in some healthy eating and try to get on top of my ongoing battle to lose some weight too, which i think i’ve made pretty good head way  by loosing 7lb.  So what started off as a test to my ability to stick with something i think i’ve done pretty good.

As a reward hubbs has promised to cook a lovely meal with which i will also enjoy a glass of wine.  (date to be confirmed)


Today’s menu

Breakfast :  Malted shreddies

Lunch :  Cheese sandwich

Tea :  Spicy bean + veg soup

Snacks :  chocolate coated rice cake


Booze Craving :  0/10  mmmm role on hot chocolate time 🙂

Me !!

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